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Sometimes, you just need a reminder that everything will be alright, and that whatever you are going through will pass.  As the fall semester begins, it is completely normal to feel stressed by your new classes, along with any other changes or conflicts you are experiencing.  Here is a list of some of my favorite reassuring songs to take a few deep breaths to:

“Fine Line” by Harry Styles

I think this is the perfect song for when you need to calm down in the middle of a heart-racing moment, and lessen your fears of what is to come.  Although this song may sound sad at first, Styles ends on a hopeful note as he repeats, “We’ll be a fine line, we’ll be alright.”  The rhythm of the song captures the flow of my emotions each time I listen, and the crescendo of the trumpets creates a rising feeling in my chest.  The song almost feels like the cycle of crying (in a good way)- once you let go of all of your negative emotions you want to quickly gain some hope back, which can be found within “Fine Line”.

“Through the Dark” by One Direction

I interpret the opening lyrics as the listener explaining their woes to the band, as they sing, “You tell me that you’re sad and lost your way, you tell me that your fears are here to stay.”  For me, this creates a personal connection between the listener and the band, along with when the boys sing, “When the night is coming down on you, we will find a way through the dark.”

“Grow” by Conan Gray

“Grow” is another song that I personally relate to, as it relays the emotions that changes in life can commonly cause.  This song got me through the end of my senior year- when I was scared and nervous about the changes that college would bring, questioning if I was ready to embark on a new and more independent phase of my life.  Gray also addresses how fast time goes by, which can cause people to fear the future.  Instead of feeling upset or fazed by new opportunities—no matter how big or small—he reassures listeners that “We made it out, it seems” and encourages us with the idea of growing into our best selves.

“warm glow” by Hippo Campus

The mellow vibe and soft guitar in this song is enough to help me to drift off to sleep sometimes.  As the title suggests, the song radiates a sort of warmth and comfort to the listener with the lyrics “Peace sign, getting by, people, we’ll be alright.”  The way that the instrumentals become quiet at the start of the chorus and then return louder at the end truly emphasizes this message, and the music imitates the fluidity of our emotions.

“Back In My Body” by Maggie Rogers

Many songs from Rogers’ album Heard It In A Past Life are very reassuring, but if I had to pick one that is guaranteed to boost my happiness and confidence, it would be this track.  Her lyrics express how we may have recurring negative thoughts, but that we all have the strength to overcome them.  The crescendoing drums backing her chorus, “This time, I know I’m fighting, this time, I know I’m back in my body” promote a sense of empowerment.  Every time she repeats the line “I found myself when I was going everywhere,” I feel secure with growing at my own pace, with the hope that I will end up where I am meant to be in life.

“There Will Be Another” by Bronze Radio Return

This song relates more to moving on from any relationship or past experience.  Questioning what may have gone wrong in a situation or with another person is an easy trap to fall into.  The words “It hurts to lose something you once had had, but take a good look around at all the good things you still have” assure us as we progress and focus on the most valuable parts of our lives.  The song tells us to surround ourselves with people who are good for our mental health, which is an important and necessary reminder.

“Rainbow” by Kacey Musgraves

I think this is the perfect song to listen to when you feel tears about to stream from your eyes.  It’s as if Musgraves is singing in response to whatever is making you feel like the world is about to end.  She expresses what it is like to finally be happy at the conclusion of a hard time, making this a fitting song to listen to when you’re waiting for a “storm” to pass.  Remember that “There’s always been a rainbow hanging over your head,” even when it seems impossible to convince yourself.

“Everything Works Out in the End” by Kodaline

Whenever I listen to this song, I recall taking walks around my neighborhood during quarantine, trying to brighten my spirits.  I played this song on repeat, and it still serves as a reminder that even if we can’t find an answer to our problems immediately, life will slowly get better if we stay positive.

“Landslide” by Oh Wonder

This synth-pop beat became super popular as a sample in Lil Uzi Vert’s hit song “The Way Life Goes”, and the sound of the song as a whole is very calming.  The main line “I know it hurts sometimes but you’ll get over it, you’ll find another life to live, I know you’ll get over it” is reassuring especially because of the universality of our emotions, and the singer seems to be right there promising that our sad times are over.

“Shine On Top” by Surfaces

This last song has a happy and more upbeat tone; it’s a fun song to dance around your room to after you finish a stressful night of homework, or to blast in the car with friends.  The lyrics “Even if the sun goes down on you, you gotta keep that shine on top” are a reminder that your attitude toward life is in your control, so you should always strive for an optimistic outlook!

Hi! My name is Catherine and I am a junior English major at Adelphi with a minor in computer science. I love music, so you can always find me making playlists or going to concerts. I am excited to learn, grow, and find myself throughout college, and I think that writing is one of the best ways to do so!
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