My Friends Decide My Night Routine

When I start a routine for myself, I stick to it. I am not one to take kindly to change. This is why I decided to let my friends control my night-time routine.


On a typical day I get home around 4pm, and my routine is very consistent. I change my clothes, check my emails, complete my assignments, and make a late dinner. I gave my friends options to pick from to navigate me through my night-time routine.


My friends had the opportunity to pick what part of my night-time routine I would complete first, start my assignments or change out of my clothes?



I then asked them what I should have for a late dinner. I gave them a choice between pot stickers, or pasta? Typically when I get home from school and/or work I do not have a large craving for a big meal. So I was hoping they would pick the pot stickers.

After eating, I typically start my night-time shower routine. I let my friends decide what products to use on my face and I’m not going to lie, I was a little terrified of what they would pick because I have sensitive skin. I gave them option to pick between my typical face peel or a charcoal mask I’ve never used before.

Once, I was done with my skin care, I hopped into the shower and used my favorite citrus smelling shower gel. I was feeling pretty good about my night-time routine so far. I decided to end it with my friend deciding if I would read a book or watch netflix?


Overall, letting my friends decide my night-time routine wasn’t as bad as I was making it seem. Maybe next time I can have my friends control what makeup look I create for a special occasion.