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Making the Most of Post

We all know the struggle when nothing is open except for Post Hall, again. With a buffet dining style, you would thing there is more to eat without getting bored. Here are some ideas of how to make the most of Post and come up with some interesting creations.


Aside from the few slices of lunchmeat and cheese at the sandwich station, you can always hit up the salad bar for fresher ingredients! You can even use a bagel or croissant instead of bread. You can also heat up the sliced bread for something different. Maybe even hit up the grill to make a sandwich out of the grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, or fish if they have it that day! 

Fruit Yogurt

Once you take on the fro-yo machine, there’s plenty of fruit by the waffle station in addition to the ingredients by the machine. This can make for a more fun and healtheir yogurt option.


Even though the soup at Post isn’t always the best, you can take a tip from Panera and add croutons to give it more flavor and texture. Even the shake cheese from the pasta station could be added to enhance the flavor.


Waffles by themselves are always good especially with the waffle station. However, sometimes you can try making a waffle sandwich with the other kinds of desserts. You can also put the frozen yogurt as a topping for this dessert.


Sometimes the dessert food is limited but there are plenty of creations you can make. You can pair cookies or brownies with the vanilla fro-yo to have an ice cream and cookie combo. Chocolate chips and other sweets can also be added to the premade desserts to enhance the taste.

Don’t be afraid to try new things! Especially at Post where you can always go back for seconds and thirds! You might even come up with your own creations you love.

Freshman acting major at Adelphi University :)
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