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Make Spring Break Count

Spring Break is finally here – well it’s close enough! This is what we’ve all been counting down to since this semester has started. We’re getting one week to do whatever we want, so might as well make it count right? Well if you’re overwhelmed and have no idea what to do keep on reading for some ideas!

Catch up on homework

OK, so this isn’t exactly a break from school if you’re doing homework, but it is something productive. We all fall behind on readings and assignments during the semester, so this is the perfect way to catch up and maybe even get ahead. This could also be a backup in case one of your other plans fall through. 

Go on a vacation

This is what most people think of when they hear Spring Break. We instanly picture endless partying in Daytona Beach or any other warm, tropical location. You can also go on a vacation to visit your parents or best friends. Leaving campus is a vacation in itself!

Binge watch TV shows

We all have television shows that we’re obsessed with, but of course the semester makes us fall behind. Spring Break is the perfect chance to catch up on the episodes you have been missing. You could even start a new series! If you do, make sure it’s a short series so you don’t go back to school binge watching netflix!

Go exploring

Use this break to finally go and try out new food places you’ve had your eye on. Facebook videos are always capturing our attention with the different restaurants. Some cool places near campus are The Bagel Store (Brooklyn), Doughology (Lynbrook), and DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections (NYC). Grab some friends, have some fun, and make lots of memories. 


Working isn’t exactly a break, but being a college student isn’t exactly luxurious. The extra time could be helpful to make more money since there isn’t much time during the semester. Think about how great it’ll feel to get that week’s paycheck!

Go on walks

Going on walks isn’t for everyone, but Spring weather is the perfect time to do so! It’s not freezing and it’s not too hot. The weather varies based on location, but let’s keep our fingers crossed Panthers. The weather has been pretty great so far. Walking on the beach is always fun, and the beach isn’t too far from campus! There are also different trails like Norman J. Levy Preserve in Merrick!

These are just some fun ideas for break. Follow us on social media and let us know what you’re doing! Let’s keep on counting down to Spring Break because we’re almost there!

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