The Kinds of People You'll Encounter this Holiday Season

It’s officially the holiday season! Before you stop me and say it’s not even December yet, the official start of the holiday season is November 1st. So it’s officially holiday season. I’m not just talking about Christmas but also Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and St. Stephen's Day/Boxing Day. During this wonderful time of the year there are many different types of people.


The Annoying One:

This person is the one who has been ready for Christmas since summer  started. They usually make references to the holiday and probably talk about it all the time. If you show up at their house it's probably decked out in Christmas decorations and have a big countdown until the day finally arrives. This may be annoying especially if all they do is sing Christmas songs only in the car but on the bright side you at least know how to calm them down if they’re angry.




The Grinch:

This is the polar opposite of the Annoying One. Despite the cheerfulness of the holidays, they tend to not take part in any of the festivities. Just mentioning the holidays will send them into a bad mood. They are normally hateful of the and swear they will die if they hear Christmas music. They most likely will be found living with Patrick under a rock during the season.



The Next Top Chef:

You may enjoy eating food, but the Next Top Chef enjoys making it more!

They are just like the stereotypical grandmother; always baking for the holidays. You can usually tell who this person because they always have the smell of baked goods and bring goodies wherever they go offering it to people.



The Forgetful One:

When is the holiday season? This person doesn’t realize Christmas may be the weekend after. They probably think they have more time when in reality they don’t. You usually find these people on the long line in Macy's at the mall during the holiday craziness a day before Christmas for last minute presents.



The Presents Galore:

These people are usually kids and maybe sometimes even teenagers who care about getting presents and ONLY about getting presents. They don’t normally understand the meaning behind Christmas. You will normally find their Christmas list planned out or a letter to Santa.



The Family Values:

This person cares about spending the holidays with family. It may be this is the only time they can see their family as a whole. Most college kids live in residential dorms on campus and don’t get to go home as much. For them, it's about the peace they find at home, sleeping in their own bed, and eating a nice home cooked meal especially on Thanksgiving. I don’t dorm on campus but I know eating there everyday gets boring.



The Photoholic:

Do you know that song “Selfie" by the Chainsmokers? Well that’s exactly what this person does during the holidays. They are always taking pictures to preserve the memory of LITERALLY everything. It’s like parents taking picture of their babies first everything. They go shopping, take a selfie, open presents, take a selfie, trying on clothes, take a selfie. The list goes on, but they take pictures so much they live life through the lens. If you ever need a good photographer, you know who to call.



The All You Can Eat:

Eating is one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season. There are so many different holidays which means my mom would be cooking something special for most of the season. If you’re a foodie like me you understand the joys of the food during the season.