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How to Show Your Disney Side All Year Around

Adulting is hard, anyone can agree to that. We have papers, assignments, group projects, presentations, it gets overwhelming. But what makes adulting a bit easier, besides having great friends to help you out is having some of your childish fun with you to keep you going. The Walt Disney Company has made it possible for you to have your love of Disney with you all year round, even in class. Here are just some of the ways that Mickey and the gang and other colorful and fun characters can be with you all around the year.



  1. School Supplies – If you can’t get to the castle, then bring the castle to class! Use Disney inspired notebooks, pens, and pencils as well as a cute backpack to carry your magic from class to class.

    1. Backpack

  1. Notebooks

  1. Writing Utensils  


  1. Home Products – Cook like Chef Mickey and make Mickey Mouse Pancakes or have  Tinkerbell keys to unlock the doors to your vacation castle!

    1. Keys

  1. Kitchen utensils

  1. Clothes – your clothing is an amazing way to express yourself in a fun, chill way that can add a little bounce to your day, like Tigger bouncing around Winnie the Pooh. You can go simple with just a shirt or jacket, or be putting a ribbon into your hair,  or be wearing a Mickey earring Another way to add a little magic into your day is to go all out by Disneybounding.

    1. Disneybounding


  1. Music – bring the music of your favorite rides and favorite characters home. Listen to it in the car, while you’re walking to class, or even for studying. Disney music seems to work any time of the day.



  1. Technology – Disneytech, or just technology made for Disney fans is my favorite way to show my Disney side since I’m always typing notes in class.


  1. Case



  1. Headphones


Just because you’re older now doesn’t mean you can’t have a little “childish delight”



Of course it’s important to grow up, despite what Peter Pan might think (We still love you, Peter) but it’s also important to still carry some of your childhood joy and Disney is the best way to honor how you grew up with your favorite character as well as share them for your younger family members or future generations to come.


Hi, I'm Kait. I am currently a senior at Adelphi University and I am a Communications Major with a concentration in Digital Media and Cinema Studies. I love writing and have written stories ever since I was a little girl. Once I graduate from Adelphi University I hope to become a screenwriter working for film or television. But until then you'll see me socializing with my friends and family, studying for the next exam, or writing my scripts in the library.
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