Great Ways to Use Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we face a big problem; leftovers. If you are like me and hate eating leftovers (unless it’s pasta), you dread having so many leftovers from Thanksgiving or any holiday. But fear not! I have collected some amazing ways to reuse and revamp your Thanksgiving leftovers to be so delicious you'll forget they’re leftovers!

What you do with your leftovers depends on what you have once Thanksgiving is over. I always find I am left with stuffing, turkey, gravy, potatoes, cranberries and at least one kind of vegetable, so I found some awesome recipes using the most common leftovers!

I found this awesome leftover lasagna recipe that creates a brand new dish using your leftovers! For this leftover lasagne you will need, ricotta cheese, cranberry sauce, egg, fresh herbs, salt, turkey gravy, lasagna noodles, sweet potato casserole or mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, turkey, and stuffing. You layer the leftover ingredients like you would a regular lasagna, and it brings your leftovers to life! Check it out here!

If you don’t feel like cooking anymore after slaving over your Thanksgiving meal, then this one is for you! Thanksgiving sliders are easy and don’t require much effort at all. All you will need is dinner rolls and any leftover of your choice! I think that a little stuffing, turkey and cranberry sauce would make a delicious slider but you can use your imagination and put anything you want on it! This leftover recipe is nice because no matter what you have left, you can make a yummy slider by following this recipe or using your own imagination!

Looking for something more portable for lunch or a snack during the week? Well, I have got the recipe for you! Check out this recipe for turkey and stuffing muffins! For this recipe, you will need: leftover stuffing, turkey, eggs, chicken or turkey stock and leftover gravy or cranberry sauce for topping. These Thanksgiving muffins bring together all of your Thanksgiving staples into one, compact, portable snack.

I love trying new recipes with leftovers because I hate letting food go to waste. These Thanksgiving leftover recipes are so simple and so delicious! There are so many awesome recipes for leftovers out there, give them a shot! You might just find one you love!