Fall in Love With Fashion

Fall is finally here! Leaves are beginning to change colors, Halloween decorations are taking over stores, and everyone is being caught with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in their hand. One of the best things about fall has to be the fashion.  The boots are coming out, everyone is wearing scarves, and layering is key.  If you need to go shopping because your current wardrobe is just leggings and PINK t-shirts, here are some fall outfits for inspiration.  

Scarves Are Everything

One of my favorite accessories for Fall are scarves.  They add so much to an outfit and also keep you warm for this chilly mornings. You can be wearing jeans and a plain white top, but adding a scarf will completely change the outfit. Scarves are especially cute when they match your cardigan like the photo above.  They can also act like a makeshift blanket when it gets too chilly.  

Boots and Dresses 

Fall weather is perfect because it's still warm enough for you to wear dresses, you just have to know how to transition them into the new season.  Boots are the perfect way to still rock dresses.  They keep your legs warm so you're not freezing, but you're still showing some skin so you're not burning.  Adding tall socks with the boots gives it a cozier look.  

Vests and Layering


One of the biggest fashion trends every fall is the layering look.  You can wear a t-shirt, a cardigan and then a scarf, or maybe a sweater, vest, and scarf.  The possibilites are endless.  Vests play a huge part in layering this season.  After fall it's harder to wear them because it's too cold.  Don't be fooled, vests come in all shapes and sizes. I wasn't too fond of vests before, but you have to find the kind that works for you.  

Can't Forget the Flannel

Flannels in fall have to be a given.  They're the ideal clothing piece for this weather and there's so many ways to style them.  You can tie them around your waist as an accessory, button them and tuck it into a skirt, or wear them like the photo above.  Nothing screams fall like going pumpkin picking in a flannel. 

Nail It!

Okay so this technically isn't fashion, but I couldn't resist.  People match their manicures to their outfits right? So in a way it is fashion, because dark colors are the go to during fall.  Browns, dark reds, wine, grays, nudes, and forest greens are just some of the typical fall colors.  Whether it be for your nails or your clothes, you will definitely see these colors everywhere.  

We hope you're all just as excited as we are for fall.  Don't forget to go out there and take cute pictures with pumpkins and your PSL. Also, don't worry about being basic.  We're all a little basic once the leaves start to change colors! Until next time collegiettes! xo