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On Friday, March 12, rising girl group, Boys World, dropped their third single, Tiptoe. The dreamy, pop and R&B infused song was written by songwriting powerhouse Tayla Parx. Parx has written for numerous renowned artists such as Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion, Normani, and Chloe x Halle. After listening to Tiptoe since its release, I really believe the song further proves that you should really keep your eyes on Boys World and what they’re about to become.

    The song is about a person tiptoeing around their relationship. They are being so sneaky and it’s totally not sitting right with their lover. Olivia and Elana lend their vocals to the first verse of the song. When Olivia sings, “Feelin’ over fact, no good for my mental,” she expresses how her feelings and not knowing the facts is driving her crazy, she can’t keep focus. When Elana sings “Don’t know how to act, I’m about to spiral,” she feels that she is about to explode because she doesn’t know how to react to her lover’s sneaky links. 

    Makhyli leads to the song’s pre-chorus twice. In it, she sings, “You think you’re keepin’ it secret / But I know you better / I hear your footsteps, you’re creeping, yeah / You should know better.” She knows her lover more than they think; her lover’s sneaky moves ain’t no secret. She is also saying that she senses her lover sneaking around and it is disappointing her because they really should know better.

    Lillian leads the chorus, in which the rest of the girls join after. When the girls sing, “Why do you tiptoe, why? / You know that I don’t / Why do you tiptoe, why? / Why do you slip all the time?”, they express that their lover knows they don’t tiptoe, yet the lover still does. It doesn’t make sense to them. 

    Queenie leads the second verse. In it she sings, “Got me feelin’ emotionally possessed / Wish it was placebo.” In this, she is saying that she is feeling so emotional yet she wishes the sneaky moves were therapeutic. 

    Makhyli also raps in the song’s bridge. In it, she raps, “I could be wild here, actin’ a fool / Instead, I’ll be playin’ it cool.” In this, she expresses how she could be acting up due to how she’s feeling about her lover’s sneaky moves, but she still decides to keep it cool.

    This song reminds me of another song that has a similar message, “Busy Boy” by Chloe x Halle. In “Busy Boy,” Chloe x Halle discuss how their lovers says one thing, but they find out something else. The lyrics in that song tell more about how their lovers are cheating rather than just sneaking around. Aside from that, it’s pretty cool how two different songs from two different artists discuss a similar occurrence.

    Tiptoe is a really splendid song. Not only is there a great beat, but the lyrics tell the story spectacularly, and the vocals only add to the song’s pizzazz. Make sure you check out Tiptoe by Boys World on whichever music provider you prefer and check out its lyric video below.

Hello reader! I am Carmilia Moise, and I am a second-year student at Adelphi University. I am majoring in Nursing. My favorite things to do are sing, act, dance, listen to music, and watch films and TV shows. I’m so excited to share my thoughts and likings through my article contributions to Her Campus!