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Last Friday, the five ladies of Boys World released their debut EP, While You Were Out. The release of the EP comes close to the two year anniversary of their formation. The EP has been long-awaited by fans, so they were definitely ecstatic to hear more of the group’s work. The EP consists of five tracks. The first three are their past singles: “Girlfriends,” “Wingman,” and “Tiptoe.” The next two are the new releases: “Relapse” and “Touched by an Angel.” I wrote about the first three tracks in previous articles, so I won’t be diving into each of them now. If you’re interested, though, you can check them out by clicking on the hyperlinks. 

 “Relapse” is that powerful, heart-wrenching ballad, the kind that gets you really in your feels. It’s about failing to let go of that person that you just know is not good for you. The lyrics of the chorus attest to this message: “I was getting this close to letting you go / But then I fall back, why’d I do that? / I wish my heart was stone and I had more self-control / But I fall back, yeah, I relapse.” The girls really sang their hearts and souls out in this song.

“Touched by an Angel” is where it all changes. This song is about finally realizing your worth. You finally have enough courage to break free from that unsatisfactory relationship you’re in. This message matches the song’s upbeat tone,  which is made clear when they sing: “You might lose the light of your life / ‘Cause you don’t know you’ve been touched by an angel / Look real close, might be the last time / ‘Cause you don’t know you’ve been touched by an angel / Every day, every night you’ve got heaven here right by your side / Every day of your life, don’t forget you’ve been touched by an angel.” 

When you listen to this EP, make sure you listen to the songs in order. Each song is placed in a certain position, as it tells a story. “Girlfriends” starts the story off by indicating that a sisterhood-based friendship is more important than boys. “Wingman” indicates that you just need yourself, and that you can survive without a partner. The next three songs explain why boys aren’t worth worrying over. “Tiptoe” shows how they can be sneaky sometimes,  draining your emotional battery. “Relapse” indicates that sometimes, you can’t resist freeing yourself from a relationship that is no longer serving you right. Finally,“Touched by an Angel” indicates that you’ve got this, you are worthy, and you have the courage to leave your man and let him know that he’ll be missing out on someone special.

I really hope my review of While You Were Out does you justice and makes you want to go listen to While You Were Out. Boys World really did their thing on their debut EP, providing sass and pizzazz in all of the songs. And the placement of each song is very strategic, as a story is told as you go deeper into the EP. Make sure you check out While You Were Out, the debut EP of Boys World, wherever you listen to your music.

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