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Comfort and How It Can Be A Wall

The word comfortable is something that is seen as a positive thing to have, however, some never realize that comfort is something that can also be a bad thing because it can be a wall that prevents you from being yourself when you don’t have it. Comfort can be an invisible wall that prevents you from being able to show your true colors and it can stop you from going out into the world and making your mark. People fear the possibility of judgment and rejection and this can prevent you from getting involved and going out and being your authentic self. 

When we just try to fit in we may put ourselves at risk of just blending in and just becoming another person in society Comfort is something that can also be taken away faster than it was developed and it is something like trust and it has to be earned. It is something that could be developed on lies, but when you find out that what it was based on was a lie you start to question everything, including yourself.  

Comfort  is something I’ve seen every day when it comes to friendship, when people let their guard down and allow their true nature to come out the friendship seems to grow and  become something better because there are less stress and less pressure about trying to continue being perfect with everything because you’re scared of  “ messing this up”. Also, when you break down the wall that comfort builds we start to see that there’s nothing wrong with you and those true friends that last a lifetime will like you for your strengths and flaws because that’s what true friendship is. 

People are too scared of being judged that they get consumed by these thoughts and they start to believe that they are not special. People assume there is nothing unique about themselves. However, they forget that they are them and there is no one like them and they shouldn’t hide those special parts about them. They should be encouraged to break down those walls that are stopping them, but I feel like telling someone to just be comfortable and to break down the walls that stop them from being themselves is like telling a person to just be happy. It is a feeling that even I know I rarely feel because like most I fear that my true self is not good enough and that no matter how much I try it will never be good enough to be seen. Comfortable is something that isn’t in my nature and it is something that is hard to feel as you grow up because of all the questions that are raised, especially when you go into the real world. You start doing things on your own and you are still learning so you’re still shaky about doing things.



A message that I think that people should get from this article is that comfort is something that is a good thing but it is something that can be controlled by you and that you shouldn’t let every little fear control your life.  Sometimes the best parts of life are the ones that you get when stepping out of our comfort zone and it is something I know that can be hard.


Hello, I'm Sheldon! I'm currently a social work major. I am a big fan of quotes and photography because I feel like they are a great form of expression and sometimes when you have no words to describe something they can help. I'm also a humongous Netflix addict and shopper. Can't wait for all of you to read my pieces and see ya soon!
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