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Name: Vital Sapojnikov    

Year: Senior

Major/minor: Biology/Chemistry

Career goals: As of now, I want to be a pediatric surgeon :)

Netflix Binge: When I feel like cryin- Grey’s Anatomy / When I feel like laughing – Family Guy

Favorite pick me up movie: Valentine’s Day (I know I suck haha)

Favorite Song atm: Sunset For Somebody Else – Jack Johnson

Favorite book: The Straw Men by Michael Marshall Smith

Hobbies/Passions: I love traveling and visiting new countries, I love hiking and doing outdoor activities, I’m very into photography and of course anything medicine related!!

Defining life experience: Leaving my home and family in Israel and moving all the way to New York for college.

What are you most proud of yourself for: Following my dream of living in America and learning to live far away from everyone and everything that was familiar to me:)

Dream Vacation spot: So many places I still want to see!! For right now, maybe Norway or New Zealand

Favorite adelphi spot: The underground, or just outside especially during sunset time:)

Interesting fact/adelphi story: I’ve been to 26 countries, only 169 to go!


I am currently studying at Adelphi University. I am an International Studies major and a senior. My passions are traveling, languages, reading and wine, so drink up while you're reading my articles (21 and over of course).     
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