Bring On the Study Tips, it's Finals Week

Sociology quiz on Monday, Nursing on Wednesday, History of Cinema test on Friday Nursing exam next week. All work and so much stress. It seems like the college life can’t get harder. Here are a least ten ways to help making studying if it’s for an everyday exam to the harder ones like midterms and finals. 


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  • Find a nice and quiet area

    • Find an area where there is little to no talking or a big open space where there is no one but yourself (you can see chip, lucky penny, and used tissue some other time)

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  • Study early as you can

    • Study a bit everyday or every other day at least

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  • Set study goals

    • Big or small setting goals is a good way to feel good about yourself and make studying not seem like a hassle.


  • Give yourself study breaks

    • Breaks like 5 min work then 5 min break

    • Breaks like one hour on 10 min of is another option.


  • Plan the time to study

    • Make some time in your schedule or even in your commute (if you aren’t the one physically getting yourself to school) to look over your notes and textbooks. Sometimes it’ll be hard wanting to hang out with friends instead of studying but if you got some awesome friends they’ll understand. Some may even offer to help.


  • Learn what type of learner you are

    • Visual Learner

      • Prefer to see information and to visualize it

        • Use charts, graphics even little drawings to help

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  • Auditory Learner
  • Prefer to hear the information

    • Reading/Writing

      • Prefers to physically write out and read the text at hand

    • Kinesthetic Learners

      • Hands on, experiential learners; they learn best by doing

        • Try exercising that make you move around, like role playing, in order to demonstrate or experiences certain point.

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  • Make review sheets or mock-exams for yourself

    • This way you can write down the information one way of studying and then waiting a bit and take the exam and see what you did write or wrong.

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  • Motivate yourself

    • Try and write little encouragements here and there

    • Treat yourself with little incentives when studying. For example when you're finished for the night and you feel you as if you 

  • Study groups

    • Get some friends or close classmates together. For some people it’s easier to work with people that are in the class with them or sometimes an old friend who took the class prior or understands the class can help


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Hope these tips gave some new ideas or spins on the old techniques of studying but always remember you got this girl!

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