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Brave, Bold, and Kind: What You’ll Find at Adelphi’s Chapter of Tri Delta

So, you’re considering joining a sorority on Adelphi University’s campus, but you want to know the facts about some of the sororities before you dive head first into the awesomely chaotic world of sisterhood and philanthropy. As an initiated member of Adelphi’s chapter of Tri Delta, I hope this profile, which includes the voices of a few of my lovely sisters, helps you discover what you want from your Greek life experience and guides you toward your home! 

  • Sorority name and chapter name: Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Alpha Alpha Chapter

  • Date the sorority was founded and college where founded: Thanksgiving Eve 1888 at Boston University 

  • Founding members: Sara Ida Shaw, Eleanor Dorcas Pond, Florence Isabel Stewart, and Isabel Morgan Breed  

  • Colors: Gold, silver, cerulean blue, bright blue 

  • Philanthropy: Tri Delta’s philanthropy is childhood cancer research. We are partnered with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with the common goal of creating a world without cancer. There is also a philanthropy internal to Tri Delta, known as the Tri Delta Foundation, which provides scholarship money to sisters in crisis.  

  • Number of chapters: There are 141 chapters worldwide! 

  • Number of active members and alumnae: Internationally, there are 17,000 collegiate and 200,000+ alumnae collegiate members. 

  • Motto: “Bring You”, “Let Us Steadfastly Love One Another”

  • For more information on Tri Delta visit tridelta.org! To take a peek at the Adelphi chapter, visit @adelphitridelta on Instagram.

What makes your organization different from other sororities?

“Our organization was founded on the basis that the women in our chapter will be sought out by character rather than physical appearance. While other organizations may do the same, our founders specifically envisioned a diverse organization filled with strong women and kind hearts. To this day, we still ensure that we fulfill their vision” – Alliah Irtan

“In Tri Delta there is an emphasis on being yourself and [finding] people who will support your dreams without reservations” – Chioma Oghenekome

What should potential recruits know before joining your sorority?​

“Our sisterhood and philanthropy are so important to us, and make sure you go through your process with an open mind and readiness to grow” -Chioma O.

“Future recruits should know that with a sorority comes a significant time commitment to an organization that is always willing to love and support you” -Christina Chodkowski

What are some of the responsibilities of being a sister within your sorority?

“Some responsibilities would be to be kind to one another and to show up to events. It’s so simple and both can be done effortlessly” -Mariah Plakas 

“Sisters are expected to pay dues, attend mandatory events, and be able to schedule themselves in order to make Tri Delta a part of their life” – Christina C.

“Philanthropy is important, and our events are ways we raise money for our philanthropy, so attendance at events is important. You are not mandated to attend every event but, you get as much as you give into your experience”- Chioma O.

What does your sorority look for during recruitment?

Tri Delta is all about bringing yourself- after all our motto is “Bring You.” So, we are looking for women who are unafraid to be themselves and who are strong enough to be themselves no matter the circumstances. We are looking for women who want to be driven leaders, and whose values closely align with ours. 

How would someone know if your sorority is right for them?

 “If you feel a connection to our sisterhood and what we stand for. If you care about our philanthropy and want to make a difference. If you are looking for a group of bold, brave and kind women who will accept you for who you are and support you in growing into the best version of yourself” – Chioma O.

“You will know a sorority is for you when you call these women your sisters and the use of the word has meaning behind it” – Christina C.

What are some of your sorority’s core values?

Tri Delta has the core values of truth, self-sacrifice, and friendship. Tri Delta searches for women who embody these values, and who would like to expand on these values. The attributes of being brave, bold, and kind are also immensely important to Tri Delta women. 

How involved is your alumnae base?

“I speak to alumni weekly. We’re not just friends for four years, we’re sisters for life” – Mariah P.

“Our chapter has amazing alumni advisors that we get to see each week at chapter and officer council” – Christina C.

Tri Delta has excellent online resources so that a sister can continue her involvement in the organization for years following their college years. There is a Long Island Alumnae Chapter, a New York City Alumnae Chapter, and a Jones Beach Alumnae Chapter. I am a junior at Adelphi, but I am already looking into an alumnae chapter in Reno, Nevada. I am so excited to meet even more awesome sisters after I graduate. 

Are there any goals your chapter would like to reach this year?

Our primary goal is to raise as much money as possible for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We are also working on improving our presence on campus- we are pushing our sisters to step out of their comfort zone and become involved, and to make the most of the resources offered at Adelphi. Additionally, we are continually searching for brave, bold, and kind women to join our chapter. If you are interested in the Alpha Alpha chapter of Tri Delta, reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.

How does your sorority get involved on campus outside of the Greek community?

Tri Delta sisters are the definition of busy bees. Almost every sister is involved in another student organization, has an internship, has a dedication to a volunteer organization, or has a job. We have sisters interning for local politicians, sisters who work at Auxiliary Services on campus, sisters who volunteer their time at the Long Island Children’s Museum, and sisters involved in numerous clubs, from Her Campus to Chem Club. 

What is the best part about going Greek?

“It’s an opportunity to build lifelong friendships, create a home on campus, meet people that share your values and support your dreams and having the chance to do the same for them” -Chioma O.

“The best part about going Greek is always finding a friendly face on campus. I never feel alone at any given point” – Mariah P.

Finding my home in Tri Delta has allowed me to find women that motivate and inspire me. Going Greek changed my college years, and it has been the best decision of my life. If you are having thoughts about joining a sorority, even the smallest inkling of an idea, Go Greek! You will not regret it! 


Hi! My name is Virginia and I am a Junior Communications: Digital Production & Cinema Studies major, a Marketing minor, and I am a member of the Honors Program at Adelphi University. Let's talk adventuring, pop culture, and all things awesome!
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