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BIG NEWS: Bachelor Nation! The first Winter Games was launched. Even though it was a little short, never did I imagine we would be walking about with so many relationships and even a proposal!


For those of you who do not know what the Bachelor or the Bachelorette is, it’s a reality TV show where a single bachelor is put in a room of girls/guys (usually 25) to mingle to find a potential wife or husband. Participants travel the world to romantic locations where they go on dates and have weekly eliminations. The goal of this process is to find the bachelor a wife/husband. Usually, there is a proposal, but they don’t really stay together for the actual wedding day where they say “I Do”. There are also spin-offs, such as “Bachelor in Paradise”, “Bachelor Pad” and the newest one, “Winter Games.”

The spinoffs premiere those who didn’t find love during the original process, it gives them another chance at love. For the “Winter Games,” they’ve brought different bachelor and bachelorettes from different countries to compete in games very similar to the Winter Olympics. Coincidence much?


During this season, I think everyone was relieved Ashley is finally able to find someone to love that actually loves her back. She and Kevin even won the Bachelor couple.


Personally, my favorite is Clare and Benduiot since the first episode, Benuoit only had eyes for Clare, however, Clare had eyes for both Christian and Benduiot. All I wanted was her to stop Benoit from leaving but he left, breaking my heart. During the after show, we see Ben get down on one knee and propose to Clare, melting my weak heart!


To me, the winner is Ben and Clare! I can’t wait to see how far this couple will go!



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