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8 Ways You Know You’re Just Done With this Semester


1.      Taken the loss on:

a.       Assignments

b.      Readings

c.       Projects

d.      Examinations


Yeah, you actually thought I was gonna do that? Ha, you’re funny.


2.      Cry yourself to sleep more times than you’d ever admit


3.      Pulling all-nighters has become an almost daily ritual


We can sleep when we’re dead

4.      When you just pass an exam and you feel as if you got an Oscar (being that it’s Oscar week)


5.      You have a designated time just for crying


6.      You drink coffee (or any caffeinated drink) like it’s water.


7.      What’s that thing called where you see friends and other people and you talk to them? It starts with an “S?”  (Answer: a social life.)


8.      You end up looking like a raccoon with those dark circles under your eyes.


We’re all feeling the mid-semester slump, but just remember why you’re going to college in the first place. To change the world? To improve it? What ever it is, remember that what you’re doing may be hard now, but you’ll be glad you did in the long run.

Stay strong, Panthers! 

Hi, I'm Kait. I am currently a senior at Adelphi University and I am a Communications Major with a concentration in Digital Media and Cinema Studies. I love writing and have written stories ever since I was a little girl. Once I graduate from Adelphi University I hope to become a screenwriter working for film or television. But until then you'll see me socializing with my friends and family, studying for the next exam, or writing my scripts in the library.
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