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7 Reasons Your Sister is Your Best Friend

Ah, sisterhood. No not just sorority sisters but your family sister. She’s older than you, she’s younger than you, she’s maybe even the youngest of five sisters, but nevertheless, she’s your sister but here are several reasons your sister is the best friend you’ll ever have…


1. You were each other’s first Best Friends

You had each other’s back all the way from the beginning on time and you’ll have each other’s back by the end of time. 


2. You know each other better than you know yourselves

It’s easier for you to give advice to her than to your other friends.


3. School help

Your sister will tell you the honest truth about what classes to take as well as which professor is fun, not as harsh or even just which one liked you so odds are they are gonna like your younger sister


4. Help you out of (or get in) trouble

Who’s a better partner in crime other than your own sister?


5. Always someone to “Borrow” each other’s clothes

Because who doesn’t love it when your favorite Jacket goes missing


6. Your #1 supporter is always with you

You know she always has your back


7. You’re each other’s bodyguards


Only you can make jokes or tease you sister she’s off limits to everyone else


Whether she’s older or younger she’s your best friend in the end. Without your sister, you wouldn’t be the same cool person you are now all thanks to your sis 


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