5 Ways to Discover New Music

There is so much great music out there it can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack trying to get new songs. Your friends might not always have the same taste in music as you and Pandora can get old really fast. Luckily for you, you have more options! 

1. TuneGlue

If you're like me, sometimes it is overwhelming to pick new songs when there is so much you want to listen to. One website that makes this much easier is TuneGlue. This site lets you plug in an artists name and creates a virtual web of artists similar to that one. You can even click on artists on the second tier and expand the web even more. Last.fm is also a great site that is a bit more descriptive than TuneGlue. By typing in an artists name or genre, you can see tons of other artists with a similar sound. Besides just giving the name of the singer or group, you get a brief description of their music and can even listen to samples of their songs.

2. Research


Another great way is simply researching the band or artist. Seeing who opened for them in recent concerts can let you discover new music that might not be as well known. Groups with similar sounds frequently tour together or have collaborated and you may discover interesting new music you didn't know you loved!

3. Spotify radio

Basically what it is is a much less limited and repetitive version of Pandora. Spotify radio can also be great because it saves a list of all the songs you liked from the radio! This makes it easier to go back and add these songs to a playlist or put them on your ipod.

4. Word of mouth

You know your friends all have different tastes and personalities? They all love different music too! Asking friends to show you what kind of music they like  can open your eyes to genres or groups you would've never listened to before. You can even host music sharing sessions amongst your friends!

5. Local talent

Even local talent like bands at your school can be great and might even make it big! Try to get to as many local concerts and open mics as possible!