5 Tips to Finding a Vibrant Theme for Your Room!



The weather is finally getting warm, the sun is shining, and everyone is happy. However, your room is not ready for this warm weather; it is plain and boring. If you’re thinking this as you lay in your bed, don’t worry! I’m going to tell you 5 tips to help you find a theme for your room so that it reflects the beautiful weather outside.


1. Clean Your Room!

Obviously, before you can start with your vibrant new decor you will have to clean your room. This will ensure that you have a fresh canvas to work with. Get rid of all the junk that accumulated in your room over the winter. After you’re done cleaning your room, spray your favorite scented spray or light up your favorite scented candle.

2. Make a Mood Board!

Open up your laptop and google warm tone room decor. Scroll through the results and pick a few pictures that you feel connected with the most. Once you have at least 5 pictures combine them to make a collage. This will be what you look back to when you start decorating your room. For my room, I made a shabby chic inspired mood board.


3. Get Inspiration from Movies!

Watch your favorite movies or music videos to see what kind of themes could go along with the color scheme you picked for your mood board. Lately, I’ve been obsessing over everything vintage, roaring 20’s theme, and Lana Del rey. Merging all of my interest allowed me to create a shabby chic vintage inspired room with accents of Lana and roaring 20’s decor.


4. Go Antique Shopping!

Take your friends and go to your local antique shop. Browse through the items that are there to find inspiration. You might even find unique knick-knacks that you can decorate your room with. Antique stores are known to have the perfect furniture piece that you’re missing in your room, or even an amazing painting that will brighten up your room.

5. Paint!

Find a painting tutorial on youtube about scenery. Follow the tutorial and paint a canvas for yourself. While you’re painting, your mind will start to think of things that you could add to your room. When you’re done painting you’ll have another addition for your room decor!


Finding a theme for your room can be tedious and sometimes you may feel like it is an impossible task to complete. However, I assure you that if you follow these tips, the task will be so much easier to complete. You want your room to feel warm and summer ready. Take your time and create your mood board, everything after that will come naturally to you!