5 Killer Podcasts



My favorite thing to do with my sisters is grab all the junk food we can and camp out on the couch all day and just watch the Investigation Discovery channel. With shows ranging from “Deadly Women” and “See No Evil,” to “Evil Lives Here” and “Forbidden: Dying for Love,'' Investigation Discovery always keeps you interested. But, if you are as busy as I am and can’t always bum on the couch, podcasts have become a new normal. I am constantly listening to podcasts that range from comedy to murder. The crime podcasts are by far my favorite. Here is a short list of great crime podcasts I have discovered along the way.



This is one of the most well known crime podcasts today. I have friends who don’t like podcasts that still love this one! They are currently on their third season so you have three stories to listen to! Similar to a season of a TV show, each season is one story. Want to give “Serial” a try? Check it out here for more information and where to listen!


Crimes of Passion

This podcast is a fairly new one. Their first episode only came out this past February. This one is different from “Serial” because they have different stories that only span over two to three episodes. I have listened to almost all of the ones they have released now and I love it. I learned more about popular killers like Bonnie and Clyde and Charles Manson and about less popular killers like Marty and Michelle Theer. There are a bunch of places to listen so give this one a shot!


Last podcast on the left

This one came to me as a recommendation from a friend. I like this one because they not only do crime, but all things horror. From Dahmer to hauntings, there is something for every crime junkie looking for a bit more of a fright! This one is perfect for this time of year…. Hello Spooky Season! With comedic hosts bringing a laugh to the frightening truth, you can’t go wrong. Click here for more frights!


Crime Junkie

“Crime Junkie” is one of the best true-crime podcasts of 2018 so you know I am leading you in the right direction. Hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat examine a new case every week. The killer part is that they are mostly unsolved or underreported, so you most likely haven’t heard them already (because who likes repeats). If you’re a true-crime junkie, give it a listen and I guarantee you will not regret it.


Small town murder

“STM” is the first crime podcast I ever listened to and I wanted to wrap this article up with my favorite. They focus on small town murders (hence the name) that, like “Crime Junkie”, you probably haven’t heard yet. The hosts are comedians so they make jokes only at the expense of the killer, never the victim or their family. They give you all the information about the towns, real estate, population, area code and more, you know, in case you want to move there. But the stories are never boring! Check them out here and start your crime obsession. 


There are so many more crime podcasts out there, this is just a small bit to get you hooked. Slowly but surely we are all becoming crime junkies but if you have the time to hang on the couch or in bed or just don’t like podcasts in general, there are tons of killer movies and shows to watch!