5 Facts to Shock the 1st World Problems Out of You

What do you worry about on an average day? Is your hair frizzy or your shirt wrinkled? Omg do you have something in your teeth?! The horror! It's not bad that these are the problems that we have day to day but it is bad if we don't think about the rest of the world which isn't lucky enough to have our problems.

So here are 5 facts about poverty that will shock the basic right of you...

1. Of the 2.2 billion children in the world, 1 BILLION are in poverty. Just let that sink in...1 billion children in poverty (each country has a different level)

2. The international poverty line is $1.90 A DAY. Last time I checked that wouldn’t even buy me a drink from Dunkin or even a candy bar, let alone a meal.

3. 767 million people are below this line. That’s double the amount of people in the United States.

4. We are privileged in the US to not experience the same type of extreme poverty that touches other places.

5. Poverty is a man made problem and we can work together to end it. 

So join Adelphi’s chapter of the United Nations for their Hunger Banquet to spread the word about how big of a problem hunger is...November 8th!  

So instead of just reading this and going on with your day, try and do SOMETHING. Come to the event or just donate food or money to an organization that helps. And then go back to our first world problems of the day knowing you helped a little bit.