3 Easy Go-To Dessert Recipes

3 Easy Go-To Dessert Recipes

Have to make something for a party or event but don’t have time? Story of my life! I always want to be that person who wows everyone with something that is delicious, but it’s hard to dedicate hours trying to perfect chocolate chip cookies or red velvet cupcakes. So…what do you do? You can use some of these easy recipes off Pinterest that I have attempted and succeeded with, and you don’t have to spend hours trying to make them!

This recipe is so easy and makes these delicious Oreo chocolate balls. They are dessert truffles that are sinful, and will leave you, or your guests, wanting more! For not even needing to open the oven to make these, it will save you a bunch of time and might even ending up being one of your favorite desserts. I think the only bad thing about this recipe is that when you eat more than ten, you will get a stomach ache…which is hard to control.

For people leaning more on the healthier side and want to watch what their eating (which is kind of hard when getting to dessert time) you can make energy bites  to the occasion you are going to. There are so many ways to spice up this recipe, you can add different ingredients based on your liking. Whether you want to give them out or keep them for yourself to eat as an afternoon snack (or munch on all day), you cannot go wrong with energy bites! Don’t be afraid to add crazy things while trying out this recipe…it might even lead to something better!

As there are times I feel the need to stay away from chocolate (which is once in a blue moon), I get into desserts that are rich in flavor and never leave you hungry…like cheesecake! This strawberry cheesecake recipe is delightful and will make you not want to give it away. It is so so easy to make and feeds a lot of people, whether people can’t resist and are going for seconds or thirds before others haven’t even tried it. This recipe won’t let you down…especially if you are a cheesecake fan!

Whether you have to bring some kind of dessert to a party or you’re just hanging around your family, these recipes yield some delicious treats that will leave everyone around you content. They each have a thick, rich quality that will possibly make you not want to share with anyone and hide in your room on a Saturday night while watching Netflix (or that may just be me). As these recipes are so easy and reliable, I hope they become your favorite go-to’s as well. Happy baking!