This Woman Could Become the Youngest Person in Congress

24-year-old Democrat Lindy Li is taking an interesting path in her post-grad career—She's running for Congress in Pennsylvania's 7th District. If Li wins, she won't only be the youngest person ever elected to Congress, but also the only female member of Congress from Pennsylvania. Li would also be the only person under the age of 30 in the House of Representatives, since Congress's current youngest member, Elise Stefanik, is now 31.

The Washington Post reported that Li told her father, "The seat is mine." With her attitude, Li is bound for success.

One of Li's main goals is to make education more affordable. "Everyone deserves acces to education," she told the Washington Post. "I came [to America] with nothing but my hopes and dreams."

Although people seem to be focused on Li's appearance, she wants them to shift their concern to her ideas, which revolve a lot around making college more affordable. Li is also concerned with campaign finance reform and gun control.

"I think it's kind of wonderful how I've slipped into this new role of meeting people and hearing their concerns," Li told the Huffington Post.

With her ambition, Li is sure to do big things.