M&M's Announced Three New Flavors & Wants You to Vote for Your Favorite

To me, nothing beats plain old chocolate M&M's, but I'm always up for changes. PopSugar reports that the company has now released three different flavors to select retailers for fans to pick which one becomes a permanent addition to the brand. So, where are these retailers? Sign me up if chocolate is involved!

The new flavors – Crunchy Raspberry, Crunchy Espresso and Crunchy Mint – already sound totally different from any other kind of candy I usually see. According to tasters at PopSugar, Crunchy Raspberry has an underlying fruit flavor, which blends well with the candy's dark chocolate. Crunchy Espresso sounds perfect for the coffee addict, with tasters promising that the snacks have a strong coffee flavor. 

While raspberry and espresso are always tastes I enjoy, Crunchy Mint seems to be the distinct winner of this particular testing team. Described as a "bite-size Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookie," the Crunchy Mint M&M's may very well be the flavor to beat. Who wouldn't want a handful of mint-flavored M&M's to get them through their mid-afternoon slump? 

Those interested in voting for the permanent candy flavor can reference the brand's site before May 25. The ultimate winning flavor will be announced in August and eventually be sold nationwide for 18 straight months. Crunchy Mint, we'll see you this summer!