A Guy From Canada Emailed 247 Girls Named Nicole In A Quest To Find A Missed Love Connection

How much effort has a person ever put in to making a connection with you or a friend? Maybe they’ve messaged twice, asked you out in the first hour of meeting, or has *shockingly* not ghosted you. All of these are always flattering gestures someone makes to see you.

Think about this though, has anyone ever emailed every single person with your first name (and variation of your name) in your school registry to find you? Yeah, me neither. But, a special girl from Holland on exchange at the University of Calgary captured the attention of Carlos Zentina. Apparently, the two hit it off immediately at a campus bar. After spending time together, Carlos brought Nicole and her friend home, and she gave him her phone number.

The number ended up being wrong, so Carlos took matters into his own hands and worked his magic through a lost art: email. He emailed every single Nicole, Nikki, Nicolette, Nicky and Nik at the school, from professor to first year. You seriously can’t make up this kind of effort.

via Metro

Some dude emailed every Nicole at U of C to try to find the girl he met last night and instead they formed a girl gang and I am legit DYING @ucalgary #nicolefromlastnight pic.twitter.com/ql4sxuBADQ

Besides being such a romantic act, this email brought more than 80 of the Nicoles together into a Facebook group named “Nicole from last night.” Some of the members even met up at a bar downtown.

via Huffpost

The best part: with the help of another Nicole, the real Nicole from the bar ended up seeing the email and has reached out to Carlos to grab coffee. 

All in all, technology is truly an amazing thing which can bring together the most interesting groups of people, right? It can also lead you to 246 other people with your name at the same university. Carlos has us all wishing we were named Nicole now.