Small Bytes Mixes Business With Gourmet Pleasure

"All great change in America begins at the dinner table," Ronald Reagan once said. Chef Wheeler del Torro, famous for his innovation when it comes to both his delicious vegan dishes and his spontaneous pop-up restaurants, has taken Reagan's advice to heart with the creation of Small Bytes, a dinner party series aimed at connecting women in the tech industry with start ups, thought leaders, and investors. 

Del Torro explains that the purpose of these gourmet, tapas-style meals is to
"allow people and companies to intermingle and share their experiences, to get everyone to engage on a much more personal level."

In an interview with Business Insider, he described Small Bytes as "a blind date without the fear. You're not sure whom you will have the opportunity to meet, but the potential is there for mutually beneficial relationships."

The original Small Bytes happened in 1993, but it is being relaunched on June 19th in Boston at the French Cultural Center, where del Torro plans to serve up mouthwatering dishes such as black truffle ratatouille and wild mushroom crepes to the techie attendees.

If you are in the Boston area, snag a ticket while they are still available! Not in Boston? Don't fret, del Torro already has 20 other cities lined up on the schedule.

Know any lovely ladies in the tech industry or interested in entering the industry yourself? Tell ‘em about Small Bytes and be on the lookout for when it hits your city!
Visit the Small Bytes webpage to learn more and get tickets.