I DID A THING: Is It Unrealistic To Want To Be A Journalist? Am I Making A HUGE Career Mistake?

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@bigdreamer: Whenever I think about my future, I think about working in media. But every time I talk about it, it seems like such an unrealistic dream. Is it even possible for me to get there, and work for a magazine or a news station? Or should I just give up? Especially when I think about what a struggle it is to be a woman in media, I feel like maybe I should just give up.


@AlisynCamerotaYES, your future dream of working in the media is highly possible!  You’re right, being a woman in the media can be a struggle some days. But it’s also rewarding, stimulating, fulfilling and valuable.

I believe a career in media is well worth the challenges. Being a journalist requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice, so you must make sure you love it. There will be long days, tough assignments and (at first at least) not much money.

But if you get an adrenaline rush from trying to get the facts and find the truth and tell people’s stories, it’s the best job in the world.

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