5 Industries That Have the Most Jobs Open Right Now

Times are tough right now. If you’re a 2020 grad (congratulations!), or if you were recently furloughed and are looking for new work, I’ve got good news for you. I scoured LinkedIn and different job boards to find five industries that are hiring right now.

It’s important to remember that many of these sectors need people with a variety of backgrounds from HR to marketing, so don’t be intimidated if at first glance a role doesn't seem like a fit. Just dust off those resumes and get cracking on a shiny new cover letter, because you’re not going to want to miss these opportunities!

  1. 1. Tech 

    women on computer

    With so many companies moving online, it’s no surprise that tech jobs are booming right now. You don’t have to necessarily know tech to work in tech. There are communications, marketing, sales and management roles open in this industry too. Check out these open positions at Salesforce, Cisco and Apple.

  2. 2. Finance 


    Finance is another sector that’s desperately looking for new talent. Money is a stressful and confusing topic now more than ever, and these banks and firms are looking for your expertise. I found open positions at Fidelity Investments, Capital One and Wells Fargo.

  3. 3. Health care and Pharmaceuticals

    Pills Spilling

    This might seem obvious, but health care and pharmaceutical companies are swamped right now. It’s no wonder I found jobs at United Healthcare Group, Tekeda and Mercy Health. If you’re looking to put your skills toward fighting the virus (or helping others fight the virus), this is a great industry to look into.

  4. 4. Customer Service/Hospitality/Retail


    I lumped all of these together because any customer-facing role is extremely important right now. Instacart and The Home Depot are just a few of the many places I found with open positions. Keep in mind many of these companies are looking to fill corporate roles as well. Be part of an industry that puts a smile on a person’s face, with everything so scary and unknown, your people skills will go a long way.

  5. 5. Media/Writing/Digital Strategy

    Woman Typing on Laptop

    Media is known for being a difficult and sometimes unstable career choice. But there’s never been a time where digital strategy and access to information has been more important. There are currently many open positions for writers, digital strategists and graphic designers.