15 Ridiculous Things You Have to Spend Money On in College

College is a time to learn, make memories, find yourself and yada yada yada. Those are just some of the things we think about when it comes to school. Other things that come to mind sadly include student loans, credit cards and part-time jobs. College comes with a price tag, and it can get a little ridiculous—how can we survive without budgeting for coffee and our Netflix subscriptions? Here are just some of the crazy things we spend our money on in college.

1. Textbooks you will probably use once during the whole semester 

2. Tuition so steep you're left wondering where it all goes…

3. Rent or housing for a shared cinderblock room

4. Chipotle and food in general because late-night study sessions and Netflix binges both require fuel

5. Gas money and Ubers for those nights you have to get off campus

6. Alcohol for Sunday Funday, Wine Wednesdays, Turn-Up Tuesdays, Sippin Saturdays and basically any time you need a drink

7. Spring Break is only something you can do when you're in college, so treat yourself and book that all-inclusive trip to Cabo

8. *Necessary* monthly subscriptions including Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime

9. Dorm decor is a right of passage, and Home Goods is calling your name 

10. A bed bug cover may be the most important purchase of your college career 

11. A mini fridge to hold your leftover Chinese food and those groceries you shouldn't have bought from Trader Joe's 

12. New kicks because you'll be walking around campus and running to class

Plus, healthy feet = lit

13. A functioning laptop or computer is a must, but don't forget those programs you're required to buy like that random language software or everyone's fave, Excel

14. One word: coffee

15. Time is money, so spend both wisely while making the most of your college experience