This Zodiac Sign Deserves a Week of Self-Care and Everything Else You'll Learn From Your Weekly Horoscope

Whether you're totally obsessed with astrology or are just curious about the power of the planets and your zodiac sign, it doesn't hurt to check in on current astrological ongoings for a bit of ~insight~ into your life. Here's what the week ahead has in store for your sign — you just might find some valuable intel on everything from elevating your daily grind or hitting your boldest goals (@Pisces, your full moon is here, and self-care is essential!), to making the most of your relationship. Read on for what to expect this week and if you know your rising sign/ascendant, you're going to want to take that in, too. 


Thanks to a pair up between Mercury and Venus in your health zone on Friday,  you’ll be able to express your wellness goals better than usual. Take advantage by meeting up with a coach, trainer, workout buddy, etc. and brainstorming a step-by-step, pragmatic plan. And from Saturday to October 8, Venus is in your partnership zone, stirring up your thirst for more one-on-one time with bae, your bestie, or pretty much anyone you consider your ride or die. You might be zeroed in on working toward a shared goal or just chilling out together. Either way, you’ll bolster your connection.


Around Saturday, when the full moon is in your networking zone, you might be feeling like you should join more extracurriculars or carve out more time to connect with new classmates or colleagues. Prioritizing these relationships can boost your sense of community—and centeredness. Then, from that day until October 3, you’ll be inspired to research new ways to take your wellness routine to the next level, thanks to Mercury’s trip through your health zone. Trade notes with your friends on that new studio in town and make a workout date, or start training for a race with your BFF. The more social you can make your routine now, the better your results.


It’s the perfect time to enjoy quality time with loved ones or your BFFs on Friday when Mercury and Venus meet up in your home zone. Everyone will be even more open than usual about their emotions, making family or friend bonding especially fulfilling. Around Saturday, when the full moon is in your career zone, you’ll get fired up to volunteer to lead up a major project or apply for an exciting internship or other professional opportunity. Following your intuition is key right now. But if old insecurities start to distract from the task at hand, relying on a routine that gets you centered (like yoga) can help stat.


If you and your S.O. or a close friend have been working toward a common goal, you’ll have the bolstered energy and focus to make significant progress on Monday when Mars in your communication zone harmonizes with Saturn in your partnership zone. The experience and feeling that rush of a joint win can bring you even closer. Around Saturday, you’ll be itching to shake off your usual routine in lieu of a bold new approach to your academic and professional goals, thanks to the full moon in your higher learning zone. Zero in on skills you want to hone, then sign up for a class, conference, or retreat. You’ll feel like you’re on your way. 


Get fired up for financial goal-hitting on Friday when Mercury and Venus pair up in your money zone. It’s the perfect time to put your wildest career fantasies into words, whether you plan to meet with an advisor on campus, apply for a dream part-time gig, or submit a proposal to make a longtime professional goal a reality. Then, around Saturday, when the full moon is in your intimacy zone, you’ll do well to talk about your deepest emotional and physical desires with your mate or that steady hookup. This moment is all about finding out how you might be able to boost reciprocity between you. By sharing how you feel and what you need, you’ll be on your way to feeling far more satisfied.


On Thursday, thanks to a Mercury-Venus meet-up in your sign, you’ll be even more super-articulate than usual when expressing how you feel. You can make the most of the moment by having an important heart-to-heart with your S.O., writing about your long-term personal goals, or opening up about your dreams with someone close. Then, around Saturday’s full moon in your partnership zone, you might be craving time with your sweetheart or a BFF but feel like you’re speaking two different languages. Emotions will run high. To minimize drama, do your best to remain centered and focused only on the things that are within your control. 


On Friday, Mercury and Venus pair up in your spirituality zone, which has you in your feelings and wanting to express all those emotions in a therapeutic way. Consider journaling or leaning on your favorite art form. Around Saturday, when the full moon is in your health zone, you might feel like you need to switch up your fitness routine but are struggling to get a grip on the best way to proceed. The good news is that your intuition should be especially strong right now. Do your best to tune into what feels right.


On Friday, when Mercury and Venus meet up in your friendship zone, you’ll be feeling creative and social, wanting to connect with classmates or colleagues and brainstorm exciting new projects. The more you can collaborate now, the better. Then, around Saturday, the full moon will be in your romance zone, and if you’ve been spending the bulk of your time on school work, you’ll feel like it’s time to give in to your need for lighthearted fun. Try heading out on a date without a set game plan, and seeing where the night takes you. Or invite friends over and spend time catching up and chilling out.


On Thursday, Mars in your career zone squares off against Jupiter in your sign, making you feel even more ambitious than usual. You might even take some daring risks related to your professional path, like pitching a wild idea to a boss or professor. And starting on Saturday, Mercury and Venus will both move through your friendship zone until October 3, taking your social calendar to a whole new level of busy. You’ll want to hit up all the parties, events, volunteer ops, and take on a bevy of group projects to boot. Just make sure you build in some downtime for yourself, so as to avoid burnout.


On Thursday, Mars in your adventure zone squares off against Jupiter in your spirituality zone, and you’ll want to get after a bold educational goal like applying for a study abroad program. But trusting your gut is even more key than usual. If something about this action plan feels even slightly off, consider doing a bit more research before diving in. And from Saturday to October 3, Mercury’s trip through your career zone will make it even easier for you to identify, investigate, and articulate big picture professional goals. Meeting with a professor or advisor can feel extra-productive now.


On Friday, you could be compelled to explore uncharted sexual territory with your current flame, thanks to a Mercury-Venus meet-up in your intimacy zone. Talking openly and directly about your desires can make for a memorable, fulfilling experience. Then, around Saturday, the full moon will fall in your money zone, and you might get to celebrate completing a major project or getting a raise or more responsibility on the job. Enjoy the culmination point, and take note of any lessons learned through the process. The takeaway here can help you stay fired up.  


Around Saturday, when the full moon is in your sign, you might feel frustrated and even a bit resentful if your personal needs have had to be put on the backburner so you can tend to all the other things. Meditate on what you can do to take better care of yourself, then take a small step in that direction. You deserve it! Then, from that day until October 8, Venus moves through your intimacy zone, amplifying your appetite to connect in an emotional, physical, You shouldn’t settle for less than total fireworks.