Everything You Need to Know About This Week, Based On Your Horoscope

Whether you're totally obsessed with astrology or are just curious about the power of the planets and your zodiac sign, it doesn't hurt to check in on current astrological ongoings for a bit of ~insight~ into your life. Here's what the week ahead has in store for your sign — you just might find some valuable intel on everything from elevating your daily grind or hitting your boldest goals (@Aries, look forward to luck in love!), to making the most of your relationship. Read on for what to expect this week and if you know your rising sign/ascendant, you're going to want to take that in, too.


From Monday until May 21, Mercury will be in your money zone, fueling your drive to communicate your professional goals. Pitching that ambitious project can lead to an awesome return.  On Thursday, Venus in your sign forms a harmonizing angle to Jupiter in your adventure zone. You’ll be craving excitement and an eye-opening experience, especially in terms of your love life. At the same time, you’ll find it even easier to express how you feel, so making a bold move (like asking out your crush or planning an extraordinary date night with your partner) can help you fulfill your desires.


While Mercury moves through your sign from Monday to May 21, putting what’s in your heart into words comes more naturally. Take advantage by having any meaningful conversations with your partner, roommate, or BFF that you’ve been mulling over in the back of your head. And if you’ve been wanting to apply to a summer job or internship, this is an opportune window to submit applications and do interviews. On Saturday, the sun in your sign forms a harmonizing angle to Saturn in your higher learning zone, and you could find that your hard work is really paying off. In fact, you might even be recognized for your efforts by a professor or boss. Own it!


While Mercury moves through your spirituality zone from Monday to May 21, you could feel a bit more meditative—and actually a bit less social (gasp) than usual. Although you’re known for your social butterfly ways, even you deserve a time-out on occasion. Journaling, using a meditation app, or trying talk therapy might be productive ways to work through your emotions now. But on Thursday, Venus in your friendship zone forms a harmonizing angle to Jupiter in your partnership zone, and you’ll do well to get out and spend time with your BFFs and/or S.O. The vibe of the moment sets the stage for light-hearted fun and free-flowing affection, which can easily boost your closest connections.


Mercury moves through your friendship zone from Monday to May 21, and your social calendar could explode, and your usual group chat will be on fire. Sharing your wildest dreams and boldest pitches with everyone from your BFFs to your colleagues is not only creatively stimulating but could lead to a team project that sets everyone up for success. On Tuesday, Venus in your career zone squares off against Saturn in your partnership zone. You might be so overwhelmed with your work that you’re quick to snap at your partner or closest friends, or you might just be so tense you need a time-out from everything. Leaning inot deep breathing exercise or another fave form of self-care helps you cope.  


On Thursday, Venus in your adventure zone forms a harmonizing trine to Jupiter in your romance zone, fueling your thirst to be spontaneous and get out of your comfort zone. Now’s the time to make your move with that special someone you’ve been musing about connecting with, or take that impromptu trip with your partner. The energy of the moment could feel downright exhilarating. On Saturday, the sun in your career zone forms a harmonizing angle to Saturn in your routine zone, and you could find it’s time to reap the benefits of putting your nose to the grindstone on an ongoing project. You could be recognized or receive other accolades from a professor or boss, and yeah, you totally deserve it!  


Starting Monday until May 21, Mercury moves through your higher learning zone, fueling your desire to research opportunities for taking your education to the next level. Do that deeper dive on any workshops, conferences, or job opportunities you’ve been exploring. Discussing what you learn with friends or professors strengthens your goal-oriented game plan. On Thursday, Venus in your intimacy zone forms a harmonizing angle to Jupiter in your home zone, and you could feel like staying in to binge a Netflix show with your partner or have a low-key rosé night with your bestie. Laying low together actually serves to bolster your bond.  


Having deep, emotional conversations just seems to come more naturally from Monday to May 21, because Mercury will be moving through your intimacy zone. You won’t want to shy away from getting real about deep-rooted, challenging issues in your relationships. Finding common ground, which can lead to lasting healing, is even more crucial than usual to you now. Just watch out on Tuesday when Venus in your partnership zone squares off against Saturn in your home zone, and you might have a tougher time connecting with your S.O., friends, roomies, or loved ones. Instead of stressing about your inability to make progress now, you’ll do well to embrace a bit of chill solo time.


Making progress on a major project or toward a joint goal with your S.O., close friend, or colleague is a no-brainer from Monday to May 21, while Mercury moves through your partnership zone. You’ll find it’s even easier to connect and communicate, even finishing one another’s sentences and really presenting yourselves as a team. Take advantage by making that presentation or doing heavy-duty research together. On Thursday, Venus in your routine zone squares off against Pluto in your communication zone, and you could feel like everyday conversations and chores carry a competitive, power struggle-inducing undercurrent. If this happens, you’ll do well to take a step back to examine what’s really up—and if you absolutely need to engage or should just ignore.  


You could be inspired to investigate the best ways to step up or switch up your self-care game plan from Monday to May 21 while Mercury travels through your wellness zone. Although you’re drawn to fitness routines that are bold and adventurous, you could be thinking a bit more pragmatically right now, looking at classes or activities that fit your schedule and feel sustainable. That’s the direction you’ll do well to embrace. On Thursday, Venus in your romance zone forms a harmonizing angle to Jupiter in your sign, boosting your charisma and inner glow. You just feel lucky and joyful! Enjoy the vibes by spending QT with the people you’re head over heels for—and who feel the same way about you.


On Tuesday, Venus in your home zone squares off against Saturn in your sign, and tensions could be running fairly high with roomies or relatives. Trying to reach a compromise might seem utterly impossible ATM. That said, you may do well to take a step back, take care of yourself, and allow time to cool off before revisiting the convo. On Wednesday, Mercury and Uranus pair up in your romance zone, firing up sexy, flirtatious, playful communication that could pop up out of the blue. If an ex texts or your partner is suddenly uncharacteristically forward, try to take this eyebrow-raising, but amusing moment with a grain of salt and a sense of humor.  


From Monday to May 21, Mercury moves through your home zone, making for smoother sailing when it comes to connecting with loved ones near and far.  This is also an awesome time to discuss the particulars about your present and future living arrangements. Hunt for your apartment for next semester, and sign that lease! On Thursday, Venus in your communication zone forms a harmonizing angle to Jupiter in your friendship zone, making this an awesome time to have a productive heart-to-heart or brainstorming session with your BFFs. Sharing big ideas and ambitious dreams boosts your bonds.


On Wednesday, Mercury pairs up with Uranus in your communication zone, and your intuition and creativity are heightened. You could have a super-imaginative brainstorm that pops up out of the blue. Even if it seems a unrealistic, you’ll do well to follow your gut on whatever you dream up now. In fact, you may want to make a move on Thursday when Venus in your money zone forms a harmonious angle to Jupiter in your career zone. Pitching a passion project or having a conversation with a higher-up about your long-term goals could make for an even more rewarding result than you could’ve imagined.