Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here and This Sign Is Basically Having Their Own New Year's Day

Whether you're totally obsessed with astrology or are just curious about the power of the planets and your zodiac sign, it doesn't hurt to check in on current astrological ongoings for a bit of ~insight~ into your life. Here's what the week ahead has in store for your sign — you just might find some valuable intel on everything from elevating your daily grind or hitting your boldest goals (@Gemini, it’s like you’re getting your very own New Year’s Day this week!), to making the most of your relationship. Read on for what to expect this week and if you know your rising sign/ascendant, you're going to want to take that in, too.


From Tuesday to the 26th, Mercury will be in your family zone, firing up your urge to connect with your loved ones. Maybe you’ve been planning on reuniting with relatives at a big event like a wedding or grad party, or you just want to prioritize more FaceTime chats with your sibs or cousins. Either way, making more time for heart-to-hearts boosts bonds all around. Then, Venus moves into your communication zone on Saturday, where it remains until July 3. You could be feeling especially creative, so consider how bring your desire to amp up your self-expression can further your hustle.  


Around Monday, the new moon in your money zone inspires you to investigate a new game plan for hitting your earning and savings goals. Gather as much information as you can and then make a move in the direction you’re feeling makes the most sense. You’ve so got this! On Wednesday, the moon in your communication zone harmonizes with Neptune in your friendship zone, and sharing what’s in your heart with your BFFs comes more naturally than usual. Collaborating on an artistic endeavor brings you closer and can make for a team win.  


On Monday, the new moon in your sign is like your very own personal New Year’s Day. It’s an ideal time to meditate on your desires and set powerful intentions. If you can dream it up now and express it, you can manifest it. From Tuesday until the 26th, Mercury moves through your money zone, making it the ideal time to research and apply for your next big gig. Whether you’ve been wanting to take your current hustle to the next level or investigate a new one—think a paid internship for the fall semester—you’ll have the focus and drive to present yourself like the future boss babe you are.


Around Monday, the new moon lights up your spirituality zone, and you might feel a bit frustrated if it seems like you have a plethora of brilliant ideas for personal projects but not much energy to take action just yet. If you can shift your focus to planning vs. acting, you’ll find this is a wonderful incubation time. Trusting your intuition now could set the stage for your wildest dreams to come true down the road. From Tuesday to the 26th, Mercury moves through your sign, making it easier for you to express your dreams and desires. If you’ve been meaning to have a crucial, emotional talk with your bae or you want to map out your game plan for hitting personal goals in the coming year, this transit will fuel your self-expression.


Around Monday, the new moon in your networking zone is fertile ground for setting an intention related to teamwork or a group project. If there’s a collaborative project you’ve been wanting to pitch alongside colleagues, fellow students, or friends, take an initial step. You’ll love working together toward a common goal. On Friday, the moon in your sign harmonizes with Jupiter in your romance zone, and you’ll want to make a grand gesture to express your most heartfelt emotions to your S.O. or BFF. Given your natural flair for the dramatic, you should absolutely go for it—pull out all the stops!  


Around Monday, the new moon in your career zone could set the stage for a game-changing moment for your professional aims. You’ll feel empowered to make a play for more responsibility or a new opportunity. Higher-ups, like your current boss or professor, will support your move. From Tuesday until the 26th, Mercury moves through your friendship zone, and there’s no end in sight to the number of parties, happy hours, conferences, girls’ nights, and other social events on your calendar. There’s a lot to love about this busy moment, but be sure you build in a bit of time for self-care to preempt burnout.


Around Monday, the new moon in your adventure zone fires up your appetite for learning new skills and having eye-opening, unusual experiences. Consider planning a trip or taking a class that’s outside of your usual course load this summer. Even taking one small step in this exciting direction will have you feeling like you’re headed in the right direction. Then, from Tuesday to the 26th, Mercury moves through your career zone, amping up your confidence to research and talk to friends and professors about your dream job ops. The info you gather and the actions you take now could land you in the spotlight.  


Whether you want to spend more time with your partner, tell your FWB that you’ve caught feelings, or know it’s time to switch your Bumble “looking for” status to “relationship,” you may very well be ready to make the leap around Monday when the new moon is in your intimacy zone. Not only will you feel driven to follow your heart, but doing so can take your emotional fulfillment to a whole new level. On Friday, the moon in your career zone harmonizes with Jupiter in your money zone, and you’ll feel like leaning on a loved one for advice about your hustle. Be honest about where you are now and where you want to go from here. You’ll gain solid feedback—and clarity.


Around Monday, the new moon in your partnership zone has you feeling pumped to dive into a major project with your BFF or S.O. What may have once felt a bit daunting comes more naturally now. Working together not only brings you closer to your shared goal but has you feeling more united than ever. On Friday, the moon in your adventure zone harmonizes with Jupiter in your sign, inspiring you to hang and explore uncharted territory with your BFFs. Openly talking about your boldest dreams can have you all feeling more  connected—and fired up to settle for nothing less than world domination


From Tuesday to the 26th, Mercury will be in your partnership zone, making it easier than usual to connect intellectually with your S.O., bestie, and/or closest colleague. Take advantage by brainstorming bold shared goals, and you’ll both benefit! If you’ve been itching to give your fitness, healthy eating, or beauty regimen a bit of a makeover, make your move anytime from Saturday to July 3 while Venus moves through your wellness zone. Sure, you’re characteristically a traditionalist, but there’s no shame in trying something quirky or on-trend! Experimenting with acupuncture, CBD products, or just plain adding more veggies or scrapping the soda could have you totally radiating from the inside out.  


From Tuesday to the 26th, Mercury will be in your wellness zone, making it a prime time to be your #1 health advocate. When you see your GYN, ask all the Qs you need to ask, or DM that inspiring certified trainer you’ve been following on IG. Don’t stop til you have the answers that will help you tweak and improve your current routine. While Venus moves through your romance zone from Saturday to July 3, playful, expect plenty of spur-of-the-moment party invites, date nights, and flirty text marathons with your partner or a potential match. You can also make the most of this moment by leaning into projects that allow for plenty of self-expression. Your unique voice must be heard!


From Tuesday to the 26th, Mercury moves through your romance zone, lighting up your urges to express your mushiest, steamiest emotions. Whether you want to weave it into your art (because obvi you’re a poet, paint, write music, or all of the above) or feel inclined to straight-up share with the object of your affection, putting your feels into words will come more organically during this transit. And from Saturday to July 3, Venus’ trip through your home zone could prompt you to step up the cozy factor of your current domestic ~sanctuary~. Even buying a few of your fave bath bombs or investing in a weighted blanket can offer that feeling of security and chill you’re craving now.