Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here and This Sign Is Going to Have an Epic Week

Whether you're totally obsessed with astrology or are just curious about the power of the planets and your zodiac sign, it doesn't hurt to check in on current astrological ongoings for a bit of ~insight~ into your life. Here's what the week ahead has in store for your sign — you just might find some valuable intel on everything from elevating your daily grind or hitting your boldest goals (@Pisces, your one-on-one relationships are bound to get a boost!), to making the most of your relationship. Read on for what to expect this week and if you know your rising sign/ascendant, you're going to want to take that in, too.


You’ll want to flirt up a storm with bae or a potential S.O. on Wednesday, thanks to the moon and your romance zone harmonizing with lucky Jupiter in your adventure zone. Getting out of your comfort zone is the main theme of this transit, so whether you’re feeling like cooking up an exotic meal or going on an impromptu road trip together, giving into your instincts could set up a seriously sexy moment.  Then, around Friday when the new moon is in your health zone, you’ll have a unique opportunity to set a bold intention related to your overall well-being. Think joining a hot yoga studio or working one-on-one with an expert on campus. Try to be open to potential twist and turns that affect your game plan, and you’ll be on your way to the winning results you’re determined to see.


On Wednesday, Mars in your creativity zone harmonizes with Uranus in your sign, and you might be inspired to pitch a project that’s a bit quirkier than usual. There’s a possibility that you’re running with something out of the norm simply because you’re itching to shake things up, but as long as it feels right instinctively, go for it! Then, if you’ve been wanting to take your current hookup or relationship situation to the next level, you can look forward to the days around Friday’s new moon in your romance zone. Your instincts for creative self-expression are firing in an intense way, and you’ll be ready to share what’s in your heart. Allow yourself to spell out your desires, and it’ll set you up for satisfaction now and moving forward.


On Monday, when the moon in your money zone harmonizes with Neptune in your career zone, you might be feeling especially imaginative—and driven. Put this to work for you by brainstorming your next big undertaking in class or on the job. What you come up with could benefit your heart, soul, and career path. Then, from Thursday to September 15, Mercury in your home zone can inspire you to initiate deep heart-to-heart conversations with loved ones. If you’ve had a heavy issue weighing on your mind, now is the time to open up, because chances are, you’ll be able to land on a healing solution.


On Wednesday, when the moon and your money zone harmonizes with Jupiter in your daily routine zone, you could come up with a way to enjoy greater work-balance. The key will be to tune in to your gut and be honest with yourself about your bandwidth for all of the things that you want to accomplish on a day-to-day basis. Then, around Friday when the new moon is in your communication zone, you’ll do well to sign up for a new class, seminar, or group project. You’ll be craving the opportunity to learn something new and connect with people outside of your social circle. Bonus: The experience could result in making inspiring, supportive new friendships.


Being outgoing about your emotions, desires, and needs with your partner or a potential S.O. comes even more naturally than usual on Wednesday when moon in your sign dovetails with Jupiter in your romance zone. The clarity you offer your someone special can make it easier for you two to get on the same page. Plus, asserting yourself in this way feels all sorts of empowering now. Then, it’ll feel like time to set realistic financial goals around Friday when the new moon is in your money zone. This might be the last thing that you want to focus on at the moment, but getting your ducks in a row now can set you up for less stress and more success moving forward.


You’ll be even more inclined to take the reins on research, speaking, or writing projects while Mercury moves through your sign from Thursday to September 14. If there’s a particular presentation or opportunity for self-expression you’ve had your eye on over the past few months, these next few weeks are your opportunity to go for it. And it’ll be your annual time to shine—and get clear on your loftiest goals around Friday when the new moon is in your sign. Because the moon forms a happy trine to Uranus in your adventure zone, it’s a moment in which whatever you had planned might actually be less exciting than what the universe has in store for you. Your best bet: allowing yourself to go with the flow as much as possible, while bearing in mind your big picture desires and emotional compass.


On Monday, when the moon in your career zone forms a positive angle to Neptune in your daily routine zone, you’ll do well to write down all those wild business plans and artistic proposals that come to mind when you’re daydreaming in class or at work. You might find that your heart is very much in one of those ideas. Pitching it to your professor or boss could set you down an exciting new path. And though you’re known to be a social butterfly, you might be craving solo time while Mercury is in your spirituality zone from Thursday to September 14. Putting your energy toward meditation, journaling, or yoga could prove especially restorative — and productive, as these outlets give you an opportunity to express yourself creatively.


Your desires might be more intense than usual on Monday when the moon in your adventure zone dovetails with Neptune in your romance zone. You’ll be easily swept up in fantasies and want to put work aside so you can focus on connecting with someone who feels like a soulmate. The mood is right to get swept up in the moment—at least a bit. Then, if you’ve been feeling stressed out or anxious about all of the assignments on your plate, you’ll do well to connect with classmates and friends around Friday when the new moon is in your networking zone. Collaboration is key to your success in this moment, and what you learn from others right now can ensure your work is even more fire in the months ahead.


On Wednesday, when the moon and your adventure zone harmonizes with Jupiter in your sign, open up to a dear friend or your partner about your thirst for broadening your horizons in the months ahead. Together, you might land on an awesome game plan for doing a study abroad, internship, or taking on another wonderfully challenging, eye-opening opportunity. From Thursday to September 14, while Mercury is in your career zone, give into that urge to be even more outspoken about your long-term goals. You have what it takes to put your dreams into passionate words and to make an impression on hose mentors and higher-ups who can help guide your path. When in doubt, just remember that you’re a total rock star!


On Monday, when the moon in your partnership zone cozies up to Neptune in your communication zone, you might be feeling particularly sensitive and feel like doing nothing more than leaning on someone you love. Although getting mushy and sharing what’s in your heart might feel daunting, allowing yourself to give into your emotional needs can feel organic and therapeutic now. Then, from Thursday to September 14, Mercury’s move through your higher learning zone fuels your appetite for learning. You’ll want to take on a research project or have deep philosophical conversations with friends and classmates. As long as you tune into your need for intellectual stimulation, you’ll be making the most of the moment.


On Wednesday, the moon in your partnership zone harmonizes with Jupiter in your friendship zone, urging you to carve out time to reconnect with your BFFs. Playing catch-up or trading game plans for the new semester can have you all feeling even more motivated and connected. Then, it’ll feel like time to stand up for your needs with your current S.O. or a potential partner around Friday when the new moon is in your intimacy zone. If you feel like your current arrangement isn’t fulfilling you mentally, physically, and emotionally, it might feel like the perfect time to say so. You’ll feel empowered and ready for healing change.


On Monday, when the moon in your creativity zone harmonizes with Neptune in your sign, your imagination is even more intense than usual. Expressing your emotions through your favorite creative outlet could feel incredibly restorative. Then, hanging out with your BFF or your partner is sure to be your main priority from Thursday to September 14 while Mercury is in your partnership zone. This is an ideal time to share passionate ideas and tackle shared goals one-on-one, but you might struggle to trust yourself, feeling like you need someone else to weigh in before you can forge ahead. But if you can avoid this minor pitfall, you’ll come away from the transit feeling more connected and accomplished.