Don't Start the Week Without Your Back to College Horoscope

Whether you're totally obsessed with astrology or are just curious about the power of the planets and your zodiac sign, it doesn't hurt to check in on current astrological ongoings for a bit of ~insight~ into your life. Here's what the week ahead has in store for your sign — you just might find some valuable intel on everything from elevating your daily grind or hitting your boldest goals (@Virgo, the next few weeks will have you feeling like a queen!), to making the most of your relationship. Read on for what to expect this week and if you know your rising sign/ascendant, you're going to want to take that in, too.


It might feel like it’s finally time to take a leap of faith on a major project you’ve been mulling over on Monday when the moon in your sign forms a harmonious angle to Jupiter in your adventure zone. Seeing it as an opportunity to hone new skills can make the experience even more eye-opening and rewarding. Then, on Tuesday, the moon will be in a positive angle to Venus in your romance zone, making it a sweet moment to plan a whimsical date night with bae or to enjoy an impromptu night out with your girls. It’s also possible you’ll feel like pampering yourself by enjoying your favorite beauty treatment or putting time toward some form of self-expression. This can help you work through any emotional sensitivity that can come with this transit, too.


Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling especially flirtatious and playful from Wednesday until September 14, thanks to Venus’ move through your romance zone until September 14. You might have the urge to put work on the back burner more frequently, so you can express yourself through art or spend quality time with your best friends, S.O., or your crush. Trust your intuition, and try to strike a balance between must-dos and want-to-dos. The same day, the moon meets up with Uranus in your sign, inspiring you to create significant kind of change in your life. Even if it’s just switching up your fitness routine briefly or rethinking your game plan for hitting academic goals this semester, giving yourself permission to move in a different direction can be super-empowering.


Although you’re usually juggling a gazillion different social commitments at any given time, you might be inspired to take your schedule down a notch from Friday to September 23 while the sun moves through your home zone. You might want to prioritize time with loved ones and besties, spend nights in, and put any free time you have during the weekend toward working on projects around your dorm room or apartment. These activities can feel truly emotionally fulfilling. But, also on Friday, the moon in your sign squares off against Mars in your home zone, setting off a potential conflict with a roommate, friend, or family member. Instead of holding your feelings in, you’ll do best to deal with the situation head-on. 


You’ll get the green light to pitch a bold creative idea to your professor or a boss on Tuesday when the moon in your career zone forms a harmonizing angle to Venus in your money zone. It’s easy for everyone to see just how much you believe in yourself and your abilities and how passionate you are about making this proposal happen. You’ve totally got this. And from Friday to September 23, the sun moves through your communication zone, infusing your social calendar with even more time with friends, intellectually stimulating brainstorms with classmates, and opportunities to learn and give back. The more you can do to fuel and satisfy your curiosity, the happier you’ll be.


Whether you’ve been wanting to pick up new sources of income or make a play for even more cash from your existing hustle, you can look forward to the sun moving through your money zone from Friday to September 23. The transit can elevate your instincts for pinpointing awesome moneymaking moves and make you a magnet for financial opportunities. And on Wednesday, Mercury in your sign forms a positive angle to Jupiter in your romance zone, bumping up your desire to make big, exciting, creative plans with your current partner or a potential one. You might be thinking about taking a Labor Day weekend getaway or working on an ambitious project that will get you closer to hitting a career goal. Either way, you’ll feel energized by playful interaction and creative collaboration now.


Look forward to feeling even more charismatic, magnetic, and radiant than usual while Venus moves through your sign from Wednesday until September 14. If you’ve been wanting to open up about how you feel to someone special or plan a spa day with your BFF, this transit sets the stage for you to indulge in all things heartfelt and pleasurable. You deserve it! And on Saturday, you might be feeling especially thirsty for a sexual and romantic connection, thanks to Venus and Mars pairing up in your sign. Being direct about your desires is your fast-track to satisfaction.


You might be inspired to make a bold change to the way you deal with drama in your closest friendships or partnerships on Wednesday when the moon and Uranus pair up in your intimacy zone. At the same time, you might be caught off-guard by a loved one’s behavior. No matter how you decide to react, being true to yourself is particularly key right now. And from Friday to September 23, the sun moves through your spirituality zone, turning your focus more inward than usual. Carving out time for self-reflective activities like journaling or meditating can help you feel more centered and prepared to take on all of the things you have your heart set on accomplishing this school year. 


If you’ve been wanting to nail down specifics like your workout or extracurriculars plan for the semester, consider making a move on Tuesday. That’s when the moon in your daily routine zone harmonizes with Venus in your career zone, and the mood is right for setting your day-to-day up in a way that makes it easy to achieve big picture goals. Then, you’ll be feeling more social and fired up to connect with new and old friends, classmates, and colleagues from Friday to September 23 while the sun moves through your networking zone. Although you tend to gravitate toward projects that allow you to work on your own and/or lead the charge, you might be feeling more open to group opportunities now. Collaboration can set you and others up for major recognition.


It’ll be tough to avoid getting recognized for your most imaginative work from Wednesday to September 14 while the sun moves through your career zone. Professors and higher-ups are bound to applaud your creativity, while also encouraging you to take your efforts to the next level by making some kind of major presentation or submitting your work to a competition. Better prepare yourself to take in applause and the spotlight. Also on Wednesday, Mercury in your adventure zone harmonizes with Jupiter in your sign, stirring you to research opportunities to broaden your horizons. What you learn about a study abroad program or volunteer organization might be all kinds of inspiring and motivating.


On Monday, the moon in your family zone harmonizes with Jupiter in your spirituality zone, inspiring you to prioritize time close to home or with loved ones. If you can’t be together in person, setting aside an hour or so for a FaceTime catch-up sesh can feel especially emotionally satisfying. From Wednesday to September 14, Venus moves through your higher learning zone, bumping up your potential to nail school and work projects when you take an ideally more social or artistic approach. You’ll also be more driven to expand your mind by reading books and seeing films about foreign cultures and faraway places. The experience could inspire you to plan your next travel adventure.


Though you are the queen of keeping it casual and might often actually prefer friends with benefits scenarios or, at least, falling for your friends, you might crave a deeper connection from Wednesday to September 14 while Venus moves through your intimacy zone. Try not to back away from heavy-hitting heart-to-hearts and share what you need. You might be pleasantly surprised by just how much you’re on the same page as your partner or crush. Also on Wednesday, you’ll do best to collaborate with a close friend or classmate on an important project, thanks to Mercury in your partnership zone forming a harmonious angle to Jupiter in your networking zone. Your natural ability to highlight another’s strengths proves teamwork makes the dream work.


On Wednesday, Mercury in your daily routine zone harmonizes with Jupiter in your career zone, making it an ideal time to stand up and speak out about what you want your schedule to look like in the weeks and months ahead. If your course load or work commitments could use some tweaking, you can research and talk it through now. While the sun moves through your partnership zone from Friday to September 23, one-on-one undertakings and activities are your jam. This could mean exploring new restaurants and museum exhibits with your bae or collaborating with a friend or classmate on a school- or work-related assignment. You’ll feel like you’re building something special—including your bond.