It's Time for Your Weekly Horoscope

Whether you're totally obsessed with astrology or are just curious about the power of the planets and your zodiac sign, it doesn't hurt to check in on current astrological ongoings for a bit of ~insight~ into your life. Here's what the week ahead has in store for your sign — you just might find some valuable intel on everything from elevating your daily grind or hitting your boldest goals (a major opportunity is heading your way, Cancer), to making the most of your relationship. Read on for what to expect this week and if you know your rising sign/ascendant, you're going to want to take that in, too.


Your flirting game could be on fire on Wednesday when the sun and Venus meet up in your romance zone. You’ll crave sexy one-on-one time with your current bae or, if you’re single, find it’s easier to hit it off with someone new. Enjoy the fireworks! Around Thursday, when the full moon is in your friendship zone, your schedule will likely be packed with commitments to colleagues, classmates, and besties. A deadline on a group project might be at the center of your focus this week, too. Even if your typical instinct is to strike out on your own, you’ll find the more you can work with others now, the closer you’ll get to your big picture goals. 


You’ll have the opportunity to step into the spotlight in the classroom or on the job around Thursday when the full moon lights up your career zone. Whether you’ve been wanting to pitch a major project or make an impression on a higher-up you’d like to be your mentor, now’s your time to shine. And on Friday when Mercury in your home zone squares off against Uranus in your sign, you might feel nervous or anxious about a situation with loved ones or roommates. The fact of the matter is that the energy of the moment is especially frenetic. You’ll do well to lean on a centering, grounding practice you love, like meditation or finally trying out that sweet CBD bath bomb.


On Wednesday, the sun and Venus meet up in your communication zone, powering up your thirst for sexy text marathons with your partner or a potential match. It’s actually a really sweet opportunity to open up about how you genuinely feel, so doing your best to share more than what’s on the surface can bring you closer to that special someone. You might feel like you’ve been doing nothing but focusing on work and cranking through monotonous assignments over the past couple of weeks. But  around Thursday, when the full moon is in your adventure zone, you’ll feel ready to break out of your rut however you can. Whether that means jumping on booking that weekend trip you’ve been researching or signing up for that yoga workshop a couple of your friends are attending, go for it!


If you’ve been wanting to turn a creative passion into cash—or at least an opportunity that would take your career goals to the next level (like an internship), you’ll get an awesome green light to make a move on Wednesday, thanks to a sun-Venus meet-up in your money zone. The more you can let your heart lead the way on this, the better. Potential higher-ups will be big fans of all your enthusiasm. Then, on Thursday, the full moon activates your intimacy zone, inspiring you to reflect on the give-and-take of your closest relationships. If you feel like your efforts aren’t being reciprocated by your love interest, or vice-versa, it might be time to call it out. 


On Wednesday, the sun and Venus pair up in your sign, making it a gorgeous highlight of Leo season. Your creativity, charisma, and charm are all on another level, so you’ll do well to take action related to getting after your boldest goals and wildest fantasies. Even low-key time spent with your BFFs or love should feel especially satisfying. Then, on Sunday, Mars begins its trip through your money zone which lasts until October 3. You’ll get a burst of energy that makes it easy to complete a major proposal related to your current gig or to nail down your side hustle plans for the coming semester. A winning combination of confidence and attention to detail sets you up for success.


Around Thursday, the full moon in your health zone could inspire you to step up your wellness efforts. Instead of diving into a new approach or the next phase right away, you’ll do well to spend time reflecting on what you’ve already been doing to care for yourself lately, which is surely quite a bit. From there, you can decide if you want to make a slight adjustment or try something entirely different. Then, if you’ve been wanting to step up your course load or apply for a dream internship, you’ll get a burst of focus and confident fuel to take care of business after Sunday while Mars moves through your sign until October 3. The one possible downside: You might get defensive and even angry if you feel like something or someone is standing in your way. Just keep your eyes focused on your endgame to stay on track.


Around Thursday, when the full moon is in your romance zone, you’ll have the urge to put pleasurable, creative activities before anything else. That could be spending time on your art or another form of self-expression, hanging with your best friends at the beach or by the pool, or enjoying a sweet date night with your S.O. Basically, you’ll want to back burner your work for a while to really wind down, and you deserve it. And from Sunday to October 3, Mars moves through your spirituality zone, amplifying your daydreams. Give into the urge to get carried away by your imagination, and you’ll set yourself up to take crucial action down the road.  


On Wednesday, when the sun and Venus pair up in your career zone, you might be feeling extra social with colleagues, professors, and other higher-ups. Take advantage of the moment by sharing that big picture idea you’ve been musing about or proposing a time to sit down and go over your long-term goals. Your magnetism allows you to make a compelling case, no matter what you want to get after. Then, on Saturday, the moon and Neptune pair up in your romance zone, bumping up your sensitivity and intuition. Having a long overdue heart-to-heart with a loved one might feel therapeutic. Just be aware of your empathic tendencies to take on others’ emotions; focusing on your own keeps you centered. 


On Saturday, the moon and Neptune meet up in your home zone, potentially hazing up the facts and setting the stage for a misunderstanding with roomies or family members. If it seems like everyone is in their feelings at the moment, you’ll do well to take a step back and wait for a fact-check before trying to reach an agreement. Then, from Sunday to October 3, while Mars moves through your career zone, you’ll be fired up to make bigger strides with your side hustle or an impression on higher-ups. You want to be recognized for your efforts, and you’re willing to speak up and go big and bold in order for that to happen. The only potential issue: You might butt heads with authority figures. Do your best to strike a balance between being aggressive and respectful, and you’ll be closer to making your dreams a reality. 


On Monday, the moon and Saturn pair up in your sign, which could bump up your tendency to be serious about everything from relationships to work. The transit also lends itself to clashes with friends or your partner over differing perspectives, perhaps related to that work-life balance that’s ever-elusive. If you’re struggling, consider taking a time-out for self-care and know that the moment will pass. Then, around Thursday, the full moon in your money zone inspires you to get after financial goals that you might have put on the back burner because you’ve been focused recently on other to-dos—many of which might have been more for others than for you. Taking action that feels like you’re standing up for your long-term aspirations now feels truly empowering. 


Focusing on your needs is key around Thursday when the full moon is in your sign. You’re generally pretty quick to put friends, family, even classmates or coworkers needs before your own, if it feels like it’s for the greater good. But prioritizing your wellness routine or even just a low-key night in to binge the new season of Glow can go far to recharge you emotionally, mentally, and physically. It’s time to take care of you! From Sunday to October 3, Mars moves through your intimacy zone, amplifying your sex drive and need to get close to your partner or a potential S.O. Listening to your intuition and opening up about some of your most deep-seated desires makes for a seriously steamy, satisfying transit.


You might be feeling especially sensitive and vulnerable to picking up friends’ and colleagues’ negative emotions on Saturday when the moon and Neptune meet up in your sign. And although you still want to be a shoulder for them to lean on, it might feel like everyone is talking in confusing circles. It may benefit you to wait until you have more clarity to focus on next steps. Then, from Sunday to October 3, Mars moves through your partnership zone, bumping up your desire to work one-on-one with a classmate, coworker, or your partner on a major project. This moment was pretty much designed for dreamy, no-nonsense teamwork.