Save on Yummy Food with StudentUniverse!

By now, all our collegiette readers should know that we are huge fans of StudentUniverse. They have all of the absolute best deals out there, and they're all exclusively for students. We've told you before about amazing deals on your favorite fashions, and our last post talked about all the best tv and movie deals that StudentUniverse has to offer. Today, though, our tummy's are rumbling, so we set out to find what StudentUniverse can do to help! We scoured StudentUniverse's food deals for the most delicious deals for you collegiettes, and we're ready to share them with you. Just so you know, though, we aren't taking responsibility if you drool all over your computer!

Take a peek through our picks, and remember to sign up with StudentUniverse to get the most out of these deals, as well as plenty more!


What collegiette experience would be complete without Starbucks? Get 7% cash back while you sip your peppermint mocha, yum!


Getting 10% cash back on gourmet teas will help calm you down, almost as much as the tea itself will!

Mrs. Fields' Original Cookies

Do we really need to sell you on chocolate chip cookies? I think the delicious things speak for themselves, and the 8% cash back doesn't hurt, either!


Peapod delivers your groceries for you, so it's perfect for a busy collegiette! Plus, saving $25 will help cut down on your grocery bill, saving you a few extra bucks for the hummus that you maybe don't need, but still want!!

Weight Watchers

Okay, so this isn't food, but it might be helpful after you eat it all! Get on track with healthy eating and save $5 when you sign up through Student Universe.