9 Ways to Get Your Pet Ready for Halloween

Halloween is arguably the best holiday of the year, so why not get your furry BFF in on the fun? Whether your pup loves a full costume or your kitty will only tolerate a themed collar, we’ve got everything you need for your pet to fully embrace spooky season. 


Shark Costume

shark dog and cat costume Photo Courtesy of Chewy

Dog shark costume, chewy.com, $16, shop now

Puppy Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo...just kidding. The shark costume is always a classic and one your pup will actually enjoy.

Spacesuit Costume

Spaceship dog and cat costume Photo Courtesy of Chewy

Spacesuit costume, chewy.com, $16, shop now

Whether you’ve got a cat or a dog, this spaceship costume is so. dang. cute. Just imagine the Instagrams!

Black Cat Costume 

black cat dog costume Photo Courtesy of Chewy

Black cat costume, chewy.com, $16, shop now

Because nothing is spookier than a black cat on Halloween.

Box with Toys & Treats

halloween goody box for dogs Photo Courtesy of Chewy

Halloween treat box, chewy.com, $25, shop now

Talk about a Happy Howl-o-ween! This box is full of everything your pup needs to have an ~incred~ Halloween. I’m talking Halloween-themed bandanas,  spooky-tasty treats, and some fun Halloween-y toys that are frighteningly cute.

Spooky Peanut Butter Treats

halloween dog treats Photo Courtesy of Chewy

Dog cookies, chewy.com, $14, shop now

I have no doubt that your pup will do just about any trick for these treats.

Hide-and-Seek Plush

halloween pumpkin dog toy Photo Courtesy of Chewy

Hide-and-seek pumpkin, chewy.com, $10, shop now

We’re all about interactive toys in this family. This one is perfect for keeping your furry friend busy on Halloween night.


Black Cat Toy 

black cat dog toy Photo Courtesy of Chewy

Plush toy, chewy.com, $7, shop now

Again, nothing is spookier than a black cat on Halloween and your pup deserves this plush reminder.

Bread Headpiece Costume 

bread cat costume Photo Courtesy of Chewy

Bread headpiece, chewy.com, $7, shop now

Honestly, how could anyone ever pass this up? It’s bread. On your cat’s head. Enough said. 

Pumpkin Collar 

halloween pumpkin cat collar Photo Courtesy of Chewy

Pumpkin collar, chewy.com, $10, shop now

If there’s no way your cat will put the bread costume on, no worries!  This pumpkin collar is sure to get them in the spooky spirit.