Okay, I Need This Pizza Blanket ASAP

There are very few things that are as enjoyable as lying on your couch curled up in your favorite blanket. The only thing that can make it better, though, is food. According to Delish, there is now a product from Amazon that combines the two things we love the most into one cozy, food-inspired home decor. 

You can get your comfort food fix on Amazon with Calhoun’s pizza, cheeseburger, or donut blankets. The site describes the blankets as “mouthwatering” and “realistic-looking,” and they’re reportedly lightweight and made from 100 percent polyester fleece. So, it’s definitely perfect to throw on for the summer months. The blankets are also around 60 inches in diameter, so it will be easy to share with a friend while you guys binge-watch Netflix. But, the best part—each blanket is packaged in takeout boxes. Seriously, how adorable is that?

While this sounds absolutely fantastic, there is a catch. The blankets are a little pricey, ranging from $40 to $55 based on which one you get. On the bright side, reviewers seem to totally think the price is worth it. 

One review said: “Super pleased with this blanket! Looks exactly like the picture. Bought as a gift for a pizza lover...and she was thrilled with it! The pizza box it comes in is an added bonus.” Another said: “The blanket does look pretty realistic. It is thin and light and is good for warmer weather. 

If you don’t love pizzas, cheeseburgers, or donuts, don’t worry because you can also wrap yourself up like a burrito. The viral blanket first popped up on Reddit a few weeks ago, according to POPSUGAR, and the five-foot-long blanket looks exactly like a real tortilla wrap. Amazon seemed to jump on the viral bandwagon with these comfort food inspired blankets. You can find the burrito blanket on Etsy for under $41. 

Now all you need is a pizza while you're wrapped in the pizza blanket on your couch. Sounds like the perfect Friday night to me.