Yes, You And Your Pup *Can* Get Matching Halloween Masks and Bandanas This Year

Well, America’s favorite dog treat brand is here to make our Halloween wishes come true. Milk-Bone just released three limited-edition Halloween mask and bandana sets. The face masks come exclusively in adult sizes and bandanas are available for both large and small dogs. Each set is just $10 and even comes complete with a Milk-Bone Mini Bone sample pack so you can, quite literally, have your pup do a trick for a treat.

Skull & Crossbones 

Milk-Bone Halloween Mask and Bandana Set Milk-Bone

Skull & Crossbones,, $10, shop now

If you and your pup are into the ~spookiness~ of Halloween, this is the set for you.

Pumpkin & Candy

Milk-Bone Pumpkin and Candy Mask Set Milk-Bone

Pumpkin & Candy,, $10, shop now

Name two things more iconic on Halloween than pumpkins and candy. I'll wait....that's right, you can't. Nothing says "Halloween is my favorite holiday" quite like this set.

Mouse & Cheese

Milk-Bone Halloween Mask and Bandana Set Milk-Bone

Mouse & Cheese,, $10, shop now

If you're one of those people that actively dress up their pooch each year for Halloween—no judgment here—this is the set for you. Just imagine the Instagrams! 

Honestly, this is the definition of “doing it for the ‘gram." Grab your favorite set (or two!), your pup's favorite treats (my dog loves the Milk-Bone Trick-or-Treat packs), and have a Happy Howloween!