This Instagram Influencer Says Girl Power Is All About Authenticity

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For influencer Emma Walker, girl power is all about authenticity and raising your voice to speak out about what you believe in. More importantly, Emma says that girl power also stems from empowering others to be their true selves and supporting them when they take risks in doing so. By harnessing your girl power and helping others to shine, too, you can make a positive impact in the world. Read on to learn more about Emma and how PINK’s GRL PWR Project could make dreams like hers come true!

Her Campus: When you hear ‘girl power’ what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Emma Walker: The first visual that comes to my mind is a group of women. I think there is power in numbers and supporting each other.
HC: With that in mind, how would you describe your own definition of ‘girl power?’
EW: My definition of girl power is being yourself. Real power comes from learning who you are and what you can bring to the table. Power comes from supporting others and knowing when to ask for support. Girl power isn’t one size fits all but that makes it so much more important.

HC: What does strength mean to you? 
EW: To me, strength means getting up again and again. Every time you are knocked down, strength is finding a way to get back up. 

HC: Who is a woman in your life who embodies that meaning?
EW: All of the women in my life embody this! I am lucky to be surrounded by women who reach out a hand to help me up when I am down and cheer me on every step of the way. The more you can harness your own girl power, the more you will find that others who share a similar mindset are drawn to you. 
HC: Who’s the biggest hype girl in your life?
EW: My biggest hype girls are my best friends, Tasha and Rosie. No matter what I am doing, I can count on them to support me! They are so strong and powerful in their own way and never let the light of others dull theirs. I admire them so much.
HC: When you’re feeling discouraged in work, school, or your personal life, where do you look for inspiration and support?
EW: I genuinely believe there is a way to use social media in these moments. I like to be honest with my feelings and 99 percent of the time there is someone else out there feeling the same way I am or has felt that way before. 

HC: What little ways do you build up the women in your life? 
EW: I love to tell the women in my life that I am thinking of them when I am. Whether for a reason or a season, there is always a purpose for people in our lives and it is important to cultivate those relationships! I love dropping a text or a note or even a little gift to say thank you for being part of my life!

HC: If you had the resources and money to make it happen, how would you empower the women in your life, your community, or the world?!
EW: I would put all the money and resources in the world into helping women tune into themselves and believe in themselves. When we believe in ourselves and believe that we are worthy, loved and important, we can change the world. There is so much good to be done unto others and we need to learn to do good unto ourselves as well.

HC: When in your life have you felt the most empowered?
EW: Right now actually. I finally feel like I have space to make mistakes and learn from them. I don’t feel confined to being one single person and can be who I want depending on the day. That is such a special opportunity and even if it just means dying my hair pink one day or wearing sweatpants another day, it is so much fun to find ways to express myself daily.

HC: In your education is there a standout teacher, class, advisor, RA, or mentor who inspired you?
EW: I went to an all-girls high school packed to the brim with INCREDIBLE teachers. I can honestly say two women, Megan and Annie, became closer to me than some of my classmates. I admired their ability to find happiness in the little things and how they seemed to understand themselves and others so much more than many teenagers around me (I guess this came with age, ha!). The most beautiful thing they did, though, was to never make me feel embarrassed to show my feelings.
HC: What positive changes do you hope to see in your life, in regard to women’s rights and empowerment?
EW: I would love it to be an issue everyone can be behind no matter the race or gender. I think women’s rights are human rights and we need to love all humans.
HC: What ways do you now (and in the future) hope to contribute to that positive change?
EW: I hope to continue to create a space in social media where people can come and not feel judged. I think so many of us aren’t vocal about our beliefs or fight for women’s rights with a fear of being judged or labeled. I think fighting for what you believe in is important and it is our job to support others for taking a risk in standing up for what they believe in. On a micro level, I think talking to those in my life (male and female) who may not understand why women’s rights are important in a peaceful and loving way is important. I want my future children to be educated on the “why” and be given the confidence to say “this is what I believe” and to love every single person who agrees and disagrees with them.

HC: In regards to sustainability, how are you involved on campus or in your community?
EW: I am a big believer that even doing one small change is important. For example, I would love to be plastic-free, but while I work towards that, making one choice each day to not use plastic is important. Each small action adds up. 
HC: How do you inspire those in your life to think about how their decisions impact the environment we live in?
EW: I hope that people can pause before making a decision that seems easier but probably is more harmful. If they pause and take two seconds to make another choice, such as saying no to to-go silverware or sipping their drink without a lid or a straw, they can make a big difference. If every single person did one thing a day that was better for the environment, we could make a huge impact.

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