The Her Campus Hang: What Our Editors Are Reading on February 23, 2020

How yoga can help you sleep better. [Women's Health]

The human cost of a cheap manicure. [Teen Vogue]

In rural U.S. cities, kids are taught how to reverse an opiod overdose. [The New York Times]

Bernie Sander's win in Nevada has Democrats worried. [USA Today]

51 non-embarassing spring break Instagram captions. [Cosmopolitan]

How to handle birth control emergencies on campus. [Elite Daily]

Trader Joe's snacks everyone should try. [Spoon University]

Testing viral TikTok life hacks. [BuzzFeed]

'Period-shaming' Indian college forces students to strip to underwear. [BBC]

UCLA mom pleads guilty in college admissions scandal case. [KTLA]