Why Bumble BFF is A Necessary Tool Going Into Freshman Year Of College

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Moving away from your parents for the first time, navigating a brand new campus, and figuring out this whole “lectures” thing is challenging enough in its own right. Factor in that you’re surrounded by (and maybe even living with) strangers, and your first few weeks on campus can actually be more stressful than finals. Enter Bumble BFF—the friendship-finding mode within the Bumble app—that's making it safe and easy for women to find their people. Here, I’m breaking down exactly why you need to join the hive this semester.

You'll find your girl gang

Every gal needs a girl gang—that group that will inspire, empower, and uplift you. It’s important to form strong friendships and surround yourself with people who support and believe in you. The friends you find your freshman year will be your support system for the next four years, if not for life. Bumble BFF isn’t about swiping as fast as you can, it’s about building a supportive, loving, lasting community.

You can look for friends who love staying in (or going out, if that’s your vibe), as much as you do

Are you a passionate yogi that's hitting downward dog by sunrise? Or are you a ‘90s sitcom fanatic who likes to binge-watch your favorite show at home on a Friday night? Before you start connecting with other people on Bumble BFF, you can share your interests and upload six unique photos that showcase who you are and what you’re looking for in a new friendship. With Bumble BFF, you’ll be able to meet others that share similar interests and establish meaningful relationships.

Finding a study group just got easier 

Bumble BFF is also an incredible tool for college students to network. Have a big exam coming up in a class and could really use a group to study with? Start swiping to search for your new study group.

Bumble BFF is an accessible & inclusive place for everyone

Bumble has always been known for empowering women to make the first move, and Bumble BFF is no different. The app is accessible and inclusive, and it works to help you build a supportive community —regardless of who or where you are. The app supports its users to feel empowered and safe while making new connections.

Get started with Bumble BFF to find your girl gang this semester 💖.