The Top 10 Things We Miss About College Over the Summer

Summer can be a blast: what’s better than laying out by the pool, reading a trashy novel and jamming out to Avicii? But let’s face it, college is so much better! A girl needs a little more in her life than the millionth rerun of Project Runway and sleep in until way past 10 am. So let’s take this moment to reminisce on the good times and pray that August will come soon. Here’s a list of the Top 10 things HC misses about college!

1. Living with your Friends — Classes are great (most of the time), but when I was abroad in London for the summer, England put a whole ocean between me and my friends, whereas before they were only five minutes away. And I know I’m not the only one. For most of us, hanging out with our friends takes a whole lot more work in the summer. Former HC writer Chrissy Callahan tries to look on the bright side. “So many people live in different states, and you don’t get to see everyone as often,” she says. “But hey, it gives us a great excuse for road trips!”

2. The Dining Hall — In the 2004 Tony-Award winning Avenue Q, there is a song called “I Wish I Could Go Back to College.” In the song they sing, “What would I give, to go back and live in a dorm with a meal plan again?” Amen. One of the best parts about leaving for school is never having to make your own meals. Campus food around the country is improving, and Mom’s cooking that you drooled over while you were away isn’t always available when she’s working. HC founder Windsor Hanger said she misses this more than anything else: “The dining hall — unlimited food anytime you want it!”

3. Freedom — Now, for the most part, we love our families. But after being independent and not living with them for an entire school year, they can tend to get a little overbearing during the summer. HC Managing Editor Cara Sprunk listed the freedom to “go out whenever you want, wherever you want, without anyone obsessing over it,” as the number one thing she missed about college. And after hours of listening to nagging over messy rooms, unwashed dishes and dirty clothes, it’s easy to see her point. Embrace your freedom in the fall because come winter break, you’re going to be under lock and key once more!

4. Football season — University of South Carolina grad Caleb McRady can’t wait for the fall. “I’d have to say I miss the football games the most,” he says. “I miss the camaraderie of an entire town standing behind their team. I love to cheer and boo with a giant crowd as we root for our school. The pre- and post-game festivities don’t hurt either!” There’s nothing quite like throwing on your school colors and getting ready for a game. Tailgating is like an endless row of buffets—all you have to do is pretend like you know someone there, and you’ve already scored 15 mini-sandwiches. By the time you’re happily stuffed and in the stands, you’re definitely feeling some school spirit.

5. Walking everywhere — Aren’t campuses nice? Everything is only a short walk away. It’s pretty hard to gain the freshman 15 when you’re constantly trekking to the dining hall, class, the gym and the quad. However, sitting at home watching TV and eating the last bite of Ben & Jerry’s isn’t really helping you fit into that bathing suit, now is it?

6. Late-night food runs — Virginia Tech grad Rick Lewis misses late-night food the most: “One of the best things about late night food runs during school is the fact that even though you’re out at 12 a.m. craving a burger, or even better, Taco Bell, there are usually no less than ten other people in sight doing the exact same thing. It’s something completely unique about college that’s so hard to find elsewhere.” And he couldn’t be more right. Who hasn’t had the craving for Insomnia Cookies at two in the morning? Who hasn’t ordered a large Chanello’s pizza with extra ranch sauce in a moment of late-night weakness? Don’t worry, we don’t judge here.

7. Free college transportation — As you look into your empty wallet, think back to the good old days of not having to drive everywhere, when your gas tank was always full because you always took the bus. Getting around will never be easier than when you’re at school. James Madison University grad Elizabeth Baugh wishes she had free public transportation year-round. “I spend close to $50 a week on gas [over the summer],” she says. “I miss just being able to catch a JMU bus and go downtown. Now I waste a fourth of a tank every time I want to go out.”

8. Cheap or free movies — Being an employee of Regal Cinemas myself, I know all about the ever-changing ticket prices (I am not responsible for this, so if you’re buying tickets from me please don’t complain!). Isn’t it great to just go to your school’s movie theater and watch all of those movies you’ve been dying to see, but didn’t want to spend up to $15 on? Don’t fear! Most college theaters show summer movies when you come back in the fall, so you won’t have missed any of the classics like Magic Mike.

9. Similar Age Groups — While we all enjoy Uncle Earl’s three-hour anecdotes, everything is so much easier when there are people your age who are going through the same things you are. They understand staying up until four in the morning to write a paper…or just to sit on Facebook. They won’t nag you for not making up your bed everyday like good old Mom and Dad. Former Her Campus writer Katie Crandell sees another problem with this situation: “I miss walking around campus with everyone else being the same age as me. I’m horrible at judging ages, so being home with people of all ages is weird!”

10. Living With Cute R.A.’s —One of the best parts of being a freshman is definitely the hot R.A.’s. They know so much about the campus and seem so “worldly”… or maybe that’s just their banging summer tan. Katie Crandell lived right across the hall from hers and listed him as the number one thing she missed this summer! It never hurts to have a cute upperclassman living right down the hall.

When’s move-in again?


HC Contributing Writer Chrissy Callahan
HC Co-founder Windsor Hanger
HC Managing Editor Cara Sprunk
HC Contributing Writer Katie Crandall
James Madison University senior Elizabeth Baugh
University of South Carolina junior Caleb McRady
Virginia Tech junior Rick Lewis