9 Ways to Wrap the Perfect Gift

They say it’s better to give than to receive, and as someone who loves to wrap gifts, I definitely agree with that statement! Of all the things I love to do during the holiday season, wrapping gifts is definitely near the top of my list, and over the past few years I’ve developed a few techniques for making my gifts look that much more tempting sitting underneath the Christmas tree. Here are a couple of my tried-and-true gift-wrapping tips!

Tip #1: Try picks

What’s a pick? It’s a small decorative object or cluster of objects, like a few Christmas tree leaves or a group of baubles, that’s in the form of, well, a pick. These were originally made to stick in wreaths to add flair to them, but it turns out they also make the perfect toppers for Christmas gifts! What I’ll do is tie a giant bow first, and then tuck the pick right behind the center knot. Voila – instant wow factor!

Wrapping paper: Marshalls; ribbon, pick, washi tape and tag: Michaels

Tip #2: Try stacking multiple gifts together with coordinating paper

You can create really interesting present shapes by combining two or three separate smaller packages into one larger piece. Of course, only do this when the gifts are related and will be used together! Play around with how you incorporate ribbon – often, the added height and different shapes of your individual gifts help you elevate a standard ribbon into a sculptural element!

Wrapping paper: Bob Slate Stationer (peacock print), T.J. Maxx; ribbon: Michaels

Tip #3: Try different ribbon-tying techniques

Speaking of ribbons: switch it up a bit, will ya? Here are a couple ways to tie ribbons that you may not have tried yet:

For rectangular boxed gifts: Draw your ribbon around two opposite corners of the box to create a diagonal effect, and then tie a bow! Or, offset the bow from the center for a more visually interesting look.

Wrapping paper: Marshalls; ribbon: Michaels

When one ribbon isn’t enough, use two: This works especially well when the ribbons are of different textures. Here’s an example of a glittery ribbon over a sheer one for a playful look.

Wrapping paper: Marshalls; ribbons: Michaels; mini snowman ornament: Big Lots

Use yarn: You’ve seen baker’s twine being used to wrap gifts all over Pinterest. Guess what? Yarn can be used in the same way (and there’s a lot more yarn out there to choose from)!

Wrapping paper: T.J. Maxx; ribbon: Goodwill; yarn: Michaels