21 Things Girls With Big Brothers Will Understand

Being a younger sibling can be tough. We never get to ride shotgun, the remote gets ripped out of our hands (especially when we're particularly involved with an episode of Grey's), and we've got the scars and bruises to show for what we've been through. Having an older brother is a special kind of deal. It's a rollercoaster ride. So here's a little trip down memory lane for all of the little sisters with big brothers out there.

1. You're used to a little roughhousing

2. and you can throw a good punch.

3. But if you ever need backup, he's there for you

4. ESPECIALLY when it comes to guys.

5. Because if he had it his way, guys would never even come near you.

6. But you know it's just because he doesn't want to see you get hurt.

7. And he really does want the best for you

8. even if he isn't always so great at saying it

9. …and drives you totally insane.

10. You may not love to admit it, but you think he's pretty cool

11. …and you wanted to be just like him growing up.

12. So he taught you what was cool before all the kids in your grade knew what was up

13. and told you when you were being a little less than cool.

14. He was the one who gave you your first beer

He just wanted to teach you to drink responsibly…is what he told your parents.

15. and made you look really good when you got in trouble with your parents

16. but made you pay for it when you let him take the blame

17. ...which ended up being worth it because now you're tough as nails.

18. Plus, it's a pretty sweet deal that his friends are all like your brothers, too

19. except for that one you've had a crush on forever.

Seriously, though. Will he ever get over the whole "little sister of his best friend" thing???

20. You're protective of him when it comes to girls, too.

21. Because when it comes down to it, he's your best friend and your hero.

And NOBODY can come between you!