17 Secrets Only Your Best Friend Knows About You

Best friends––we all have them and we’d all probably die without them (hey, we’re just being honest). From our weird eating habits to our not-so-chill freak outs, they know just about everything about us and would take this knowledge to the grave if we asked. While we’ve all got our secrets, we usually confide these secrets in our best friend. Read below for the list of secrets only your BFF knows about you:

1. That one ex that you'll probably never get over

Your BFF may not be his or her biggest fan, but they'll always support you no matter what.

2. When it's your time of the month

Because it's probably theirs too.

3. Your biggest insecurities

But she's always there to remind you just how amazing you are.

4. Those OCD habits that you can't seem to get rid of

She doesn't understand them, but she won't ever judge you for them.

5. When you have to take a sh*t

Yes, it's unladylike. No, your BFF doesn't care.

6. The crazy ability you have to insta-stalk

You can find your crush's cousin's sister's best friend's brother.

7. That questionable thing you did when you had a little too much to drink...

But neither of you will EVER speak of it again, because you have an unspoken understanding.

8. Your phone passcode

And obviously you know hers too.

9. That person who you just honestly CANNOT stand

Duh! She doesn't like him or her either.

10. Your secret crush

Who you probably (definitely) annoy her with texts about 24/7.

11. Those family problems that you really don't want to talk to anyone else about

She may not fully understand, but she's there for you whenever you need it.

12. Your philosophical thoughts that are honestly weird AF

What even is outer space?

13. All of your crazy sex stories

You tell each other details you would never share with anyone else.

14. How much junk food you can consume in one sitting

You wouldn't let anyone else see you in such rare form!

15. Your unnecessary anxieties

In fact, she's one of the few people who knows how to calm you down.

16. Your biggest fears

Who else would you share them with?

17. But also your hopes & dreams

When they come true, she's the one you want by your side.