15 Ways You’ve Definitely Trolled Your Friends

What’s the point of having friends if you’re not picking on each other? Every friend group needs that person who makes life harder and more embarrassing than it needs to be. If you’re that person, then you’ve trolled your friends in these 15 ways. 

1. Liked their Facebook photos from 2009

2. Needlessly started an argument to sow discord

3. Constantly compared them to ugly cartoon characters

4. Told a waiter it’s their birthday even when it’s not

5. Made them a fake Tinder account

6. Made every time your friends speak up in class a chance to undermine them with a joke

7. Dressed as them for Halloween

8. Teased your friend loudly in front of their crush

9. Liked every one of your friend’s Instagram photos to spam their notifications

10. Made it your April Fool’s Day mission to make your friends feel as victimized as possible

11. Changed the names and pictures of everyone in their contacts

12. Followed in the steps of celebrities and trolled the shit out of your friend’s tweets

13.Taken appalling candid pictures of them on Snapchat

14. Used embarrassing photos of them in their happy birthday post

15. Commented your friend's name to tag them in stupid things