PSA: Target Has $5 Sangria & I Can’t Stop Drinking It

I can't lie: I'm known to enjoy a glass of wine. Especially once it's warm weather season (though, okay, yes I also drink in winter), I looove nothing more than popping open a bottle of wine and sitting on my balcony with a good book like the old woman I truly am. Even when I'm doing something boring, like just cleaning my apartment, there's something that makes me feel like a Grown Ass Woman when I'm having a glass of wine. Still, though, I'm cheap. When people ask me to recommend a good wine, they always seem vaguely disappointed when my only recs are less than $7. Because, me? Pay $20+ for a bottle of wine? In this economy?

Naturally, I gravitate toward Target's California Roots collection. Every time I head on over with my REDcard (can you tell I'm a Target stan?), I make sure to grab a new bottle. The packaging looks good on my bar cart, and as an added bonus, new wine is a perf excuse to have friends over and share a bottle. On my most recent trip, though, I discovered something truly magical: Target sells $5 sangria now. And, you guys, it's freaking amazing.

Here's why Target's sangria needs to get in your cart, like, stat.

  1. 1. The price, duh.

    Good wine? For $5? What other questions could you possibly have? Even if you consider yourself a drinker of fine wine, it's always smart to have a cheap bottle on hand. Think of it this way: when you have people over that you don't totally love, give them the cheap bottle. You're welcome. 

  2. 2. If you wanna be fancy, DIY your own fruit.

    One of the downsides of buying sangria in a bottle instead of making it yourself (or, realistically, grabbing a glass at the bar) is that you end up missing out on one of the best parts: the fruit. But since Target's sangria is only $5, it's def worth spending an extra few bucks to grab an orange and some cherries and dropping in some fruit on your own. 

  3. 3. It won't get you hungover.

    Listen, I don't know the science behind hangovers. But I do know that I hate them, and I get them, a lot, especially when I drink wine. Even if I just have one glass, I always feel like straight up garbage in the morning. But lemme tell you, this bottle never gets me hungover. One word: magic. 

  4. 4. You can buy it from your local Target (probably). 

    Things that suck include, but are not limited to, finding a bottle of wine you love that just costs waaay too much, and finding a bottle of wine you love that you just like, can't find, anywhere. The benefit of Target is that its all over the place, so def check and see if your local Target sells sangria. 

I hope you enjoy a lovely $5 bottle of Target sangria in my honor. Make good choices. 

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