Sugarfina's New Candy Care Package is the Sweetest Thank You for the Superheroes in Your Life, & They Could Win One Today

Do you know someone working ~super~ hard right now? Maybe a doctor, living away from her family to keep them safe? A high school student struggling to teach himself and his younger siblings? Your little sister, who didn't get to walk across the stage? They deserve to be treated for all that they're doing, don't you think?

Sugarfina sure does, so they've released a brand new Candy Care Package, an adorable way to send your love and thanks to the people you know who are working their tails off right now – your real life superheroes, if you will. Including Peach Bellini (my FAVE), Pink Sparkle Pops, Birthday Cake Caramels, Rainbow Bears, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Peanut Butter Milkshake, Ice Cream Cones and Cold Brew Bears, this postcard shaped package includes a spot for you to pen a heartfelt message, if you purchase in store. But don't freak if you can't get there in person! If you order online, a Sugarfina Candy Concierge will write it out for you! 

Courtesy of Sugarfina

This care package retails for a sweet $24 and can be found in Sugarfina boutiques or, but through August 31, Sugarfina will also be giving away a care package a day through their "Nominate Someone Sweet" campaign. Submit anyone and everyone that deserves something fun for their hard work right now, and if they're chosen, Sugarfina will repost your nomination (so make sure to really hype them up!) and send them a Candy Care Package of their very own. 

To submit your nomination, fill out the form (no more than 250 words!) or post a 20-60 second video on Instagram with #TreatItForward, explaining why your nominee is going above and beyond right now. Unfortunately you can't nominate yourself, but you can still treat yo self