Snacking Myths Debunked: How To Snack Smart

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Between classes, meetings, homework, and everything else that pops up throughout the day, eating healthy is sometimes the last thing that we think about. But feeding your body with the right kinds of food is actually exactly what you need to get through hectic days! Whether your body is craving some energy in the morning, between your afternoon stretch of classes, or late at night during your study session, the lovely ladies over at LUNA can help you power through a jam-packed schedule.

The nutrition experts at LUNA recommend you satisfy your hunger with the power of positive snacking by eating small, frequent meals that keep your energy up and deliver the nutrients your body needs. With the belief that strong beats skinny any day, they are helping women across the country think about what they put into their bodies, how food can fuel your life in the right direction, and debunking crazy diet myths along the way!


Have you ever thought skipping a meal was a good idea? Don’t try to deprive yourself of food until you just can’t stand it anymore. When your body is hungry, give it a boost with something nutritious.

How do we know what a “nutritious” snack is? Thankfully, LUNA knows that we can’t all be health experts and they’ve done some of the hard work for us. To give your body that boost it needs, you should aim for meals and snacks that include fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. Take the time to enjoy your food, even if it’s just a quick snack break during the day. Use this time to relax and take a break from your non-stop schedule, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Food is meant to be enjoyed! Savor your tasty snack, get a breath of fresh air, and reenergize yourself to tackle the rest of your day!

We know that it can be hard to feed your body and your mind with the right stuff, and LUNA does too. Their goal is to help you help yourself, and help you feel the best you possibly can. During times with lots of stress, a busy schedule, and especially as we get closer to bikini season, think about how you are fueling your body. Let LUNA help you make healthy choices, and grab a snack that will energize your way to success.